URGENT AND IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT from The College of Physical Education and Sport WUT



Physical education credit regulations in summer semester 2020


  1. On the basis of the Decision of the Rector of WUT no 27/2020 of 4th May, 2020, the deadline for the physical education course completion is 12th June, and the summer semester is unlikely to be extended.
  2. To complete the course, students must take part in a minimum of 26 hours of classes of 45 minutes each, which can be accomplished through:
    • participation in classes in February and March (maximum 6 hours except Skiing and Tourism)
    • writing a semester paper on a topic assigned by their instructor (4-8 hours), the work should be accompanied by a statement that it is not plagiarism (in accordance with the Decision of the Rector of  WUT)
    • student’s own activity documented with photos, computer screens, printouts (6-8 hours), including 2 hours for performing the Zuchora Physical Fitness Testand sending in the results (the test can be done at home except for the test on the stick, which we skip if a hang is impossible)
    • individual participation in the field game in the Royal Łazienki Park based on a map and instructions that will soon be posted on the SWFiS website, and sending in the materials to the instructor (maximum 6 hours of classes)
    • participation in on-line classes (yoga, healthy backbone or others), which will be launched from 11th May  (information will be posted on the SWFiS website) - 2 hours of classes credited for participating in each class
  3. In urgent cases, the student contacts their instructor electronically and agrees on the method and date of completing the course, i.e. through which forms of activity they intend to collect 26 hours of physical education classes.


I wish good health to all of you.


Dariusz Sońta
Deputy Head for Educational Affairs