Academic regulations

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  1. Maintenance
  2. General regulations
  3. Curriculum requirements
  4. Academic regulations
  5. Admissions
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  1. The monitoring of the student progress is carried out at the end of each semester, resulting in a decision on the registration for the next semester (eligibility to continue the programme) or the lack thereof. This decision is taken by the Director of the PhD programme. 
  2. To be registered for the next semester (to be able to continue the programme after semester K, K = 1, …, 7), the students must:
    • have at least 6xK ECTS credit points earned (from the beginning of the study) in courses other than PhD Seminar and Individual PhD Research;
    • have a passing grade for the Individual PhD Research course and the PhD Seminar course in at least K-1 semesters;
    • in addition, to be registered for semester 7, the student must have the PhD track procedure initiated by the Faculty Council (the requirements for the initiation of the PhD track are defined in Act on Scientific Degrees and Title of 14 March 2003).
  3. For a student pursuing a part of his/her programme in some other institution (especially, abroad), an adjustment of the above stated registration requirements should be made on an individual basis. The decision concerning such an adjustment is taken by the Director of the PhD programme.
  4. The extension of the study period over 4 years requires an acceptance of the Dean.

Dismissal from the programme

  1. A student is dismissed from the programme if either of the following conditions holds:
    • the registration requirements, stated in paragraph A.2 are not satisfied,
    • the tuition fee is not paid on time.
  2. The decision on student dismissal from the programme is taken by the Director of the PhD programme. An intention to take such a decision is communicated to the student and to his/her advisor at least one week before the decision is to be taken. The decision on student dismissal is communicated to the student, to the Dean and to the Rector. The student can appeal the Director’s decision to the Rector, within 14 days of its receipt.

Student rights and duties

  1. The student of the PhD programme taught in English is not eligible for a doctoral scholarship funded by the University or its organisational units.
  2. The student has no teaching duties.
  3. The student has the right to use office space, computer facilities, other laboratory facilities, and materials and to request support from the administrative staff of the institute he/she is affiliated with, according to the rules established for permanent employees of the institute.
  4. The student is required to be present in his/her office at times agreed with his/her advisor.
  5. The student is eligible for financial support from the institute he/she is affiliated with. Participation in technical conferences or training courses, purchase of instruments, materials or software necessary for research work can be supported. The decision rules on supporting the students are determined and communicated to the students and their advisors by the director of the institute.
  6. The students of the PhD programme taught in English can participate in elections of representatives of the PhD student community which take place at the Faculty and at the University, having the same rights as the students enrolled in the PhD programme taught in Polish.
  7. For issues not regulated in this document, general regulations concerning PhD study programmes and PhD students and the regulations and decisions issued by the bodies of the University and of the Faculty apply.