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  1. Maintenance
  2. General regulations
  3. Curriculum requirements
  4. Academic regulations
  5. Admissions
  6. Appendices & Fees


 General rules

  1. Admissions take place every semester.
  2. An admission limit is determined by the Rector on a proposal from the Dean.
  3. A candidate is admitted to the programme in a specific area (Automatic Control, Computer Science, Electronics, or Telecommunications) and, after being admitted, is affiliated with one of the institutes of the Faculty.
  4. Decisions on admission are taken by the Admission Committee for the PhD programme taught in English. The Admission Committee of the PhD programme taught in Polish is also the Admission Committee f the PhD programme taught in English.
  5. The decision on admission to the programme that starts in a given semester must be taken before the semester starts.
  6. A candidate not admitted to the programme can appeal to the Admission Committee for the PhD programme set up at the University level.
  7. The candidates are informed about the admission procedure through the Faculty web site and announcements distributed through other means no later than three months before the programme starts.

Applying for admission 

  1. A person is eligible to apply for admission to the PhD programme if:
    • he/she holds the Master-level degree obtained in Poland or any other country,
    • a member of academic staff of the Faculty eligible to supervise PhD students has agreed to become his/her advisor,
    • he/she has received an acceptance for pursuing the programme in the division from its head and in the institute from its director,
    • he/she has adequate financial resources to cover tuition fees and living costs.
  2. The following documents must be submitted by a candidate for the PhD programme:
    • completed Application for admission form with appropriate signed statements of the future advisor, the head of the division and the director of the institute (appendix 1),
    • an original or a legally certified copy of the Master’s diploma (or equivalent) in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or other related discipline,
    • diploma supplement or an official copy of transcripts, containing a list of courses taken during the Master’s studies and grades received in these courses,
    • additional documents (list of publications, information on formal and informal qualifications, professional experience, recommendation letters), that can prove research potential of the candidate,
    • medical certificate,
    • personal questionnaire (appendix 2); candidates of the Polish citizenship instead of the form given in appendix 2 submit two other forms (filled out in Polish): Karta informacyjna kandydata and Kwestionariusz osobowy,
    • a proof of having adequate financial resources to cover tuition fees and living costs (this condition applies only to candidates who require a visa to stay in Poland during the period of study),
    • a proof of application fee payment,
    • 4 photos.
  3. Application for admission form and other forms are available in the Dean Office, room 115, Building of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Nowowiejska 15/19, 00-665 Warszawa, Poland, tel. + 48 22 234 7497.
  4. The above listed documents should be submitted to the Dean Office (address given above) by 10 September for the study programme that starts in the fall semester (in October) by 30 January for the study programme that starts in the spring semester (in February) 

 Admission criteria 

  1. An acceptance of a candidate by his/her future advisor should be based on examining his/her records, followed by an interview, preferably in the form of a face-to-face talk in the presence of the head of the division.
  2. The Admission Committee takes decisions on the admission (acceptance or refusal to accept an application) of a candidate, taking into account:
    • satisfaction of the formal admission requirements by the candidate,
    • record of Master studies,
    • other documents that prove research potential of the candidate,
    • recommendation of the future advisor,
    • admission limit.
  3. A candidate admitted to the programme cannot receive the status of a student before the payment of the tuition fee for the first year of study is received.