"Generative Language Model, Deepfake, and Fake News 2.0: Scenarios and Implications"

Zaproszenie na syminarium

W środę, 9 listopada, o 12.15 w Audytorium Centralnym wystąpi profesor  Dongwon Lee z Penn State University (Stany Zjednoczone) z prezentacją pt: "Generative Language Model, Deepfake, and Fake News 2.0: Scenarios and Implications".

Abstract:The recent explosive advancements in both generative language models in NLP and deepfake-enabling methods in Computer Vision have greatly helped trigger a new surge in AI research and introduced a myriad of novel AI applications. However, at the same time, these new AI technologies can be used by adversaries for malicious usages, opening a window of opportunity for fake news creators and state-sponsored hackers. In this talk, I will present three plausible scenarios where adversaries could exploit these cutting-edge AI techniques to their advantage, producing more sophisticated fake news by synthesizing realistic artifacts or evading detection of fake news from state-of-the-art detectors. I will conclude the talk by discussing the important implications of the new type of fake news (i.e., Fake News 2.0) and some future research directions.

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Więcej informacji: https://ii.pw.edu.pl/Aktualnosci/Seminarium-Instytutu-Informatyki2