The Visit from the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxemburg

On the 8th of May at the Warsaw School of Technology there took place a visit from the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxemburg Henry and his wife Marie Teresa. Above all the visit primarily focused on strengthening co-operation between the Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Luxemburg.

The main subject matter of the Royal visit was to establish contacts and co-operation between various research institutions of both countries, with a special emphasis on joint ventures between the WUT and the University of Luxemburg.

Department of Electronics and Information Technology is actively involved in research and educational aspects of this co-operation, signed in 2009, the results of which include: research and development projects (funded from Fonds National de la Recherche and the NCRD- The National Centre for Research and Development sources), operational programmes (Human Capital), regular conferences, lectures, professional courses and exchande of students and academic staff.