Cooperation with FAO

Design and implementation of a new WWW-ISIS software for both Windows and Linux platforms.

1 December 2009 – 30 November 2010. Project for FAO.

The goal of the project is to build a fully fledged schemaless database along with the RAD tools for building repositories with advanced text retrieval functionalities. The main planned feature of the solution is to provide compatibility with the CDS/ISIS approach in terms of formatting language, and with WWW-ISIS in terms of tools for building applications.

The system will be based on the FOSS solutions, with Lucene as the search engine and a relational database (SQLite or PostgreSQL) as a storage for XML records. The first application planned for the new system is upgrading the FAO system FAOLEX (in terms of database maintenance functionality, as well as web based search interfaces).

Project No. PR 43431

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