Foundation for the Development of Radiocommunication and Multimedia Technologies

The Foundation:

  • An independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization;
  • Is financed mainly by grants from Sponsors, does not derive any of its income from own business activities;
  • The members of the Foundation’s Council and Board do not receive remuneration for their work;
  • As the Foundation is legally recognized as pro publico bono entity and thus any grants to the Foundation enjoy preferential tax accounting treatment.

The Foundation's Goals:

  • Supporting the scientific development in the fields of radiocommunication and multimedia technologies;
  • Supporting the development of and promoting young scientists;
  • Supporting the scientific development of talented students;
  • Development and continual modernization of laboratories •Implementing new research in teaching.

The Foundation’s Activities:

  • Grant scheme for young scientists and students;
  • Laboratory modernization programme;
  • Promoting  young scientists;
  • Sponsoring:
    • topical conferences
    • student‘s associations
    • publications, monographies, scientific periodicals
    • purchase of topical literature
    • etc.

Student Grant Scheme:

  • Habilitation candidates
  • Doctoral students
  • Graduate/undergraduate students:
    • for Master’s Thesis (graduate grade) preparation
    • for Engineer’s Thesis (undergraduate grade) preparation  
    • for participation in international educational programmes
  • Teaching materials preparation
  • Research.

Foundation site: 

Secretariat of the Foundation:
ul. Nowowiejska 15/19 
00-665 Warszawa 
tel. 222347910, 228253929 fax. 228256555