MOST - Foundation Mobile Open Society through wireless Technology

MOST Foundation (Mobile Open Society Through Wireless Technology), was officially initiated in 2001. The concept of MOST has been prompted by the pressing need for generating interdisciplinary thinking and acting synergy between research scholars, practicing industry executives, content providers, and decision makers who share a strong interest in the topic of Information Society, Mobile Economy, and Higher Education Models based on interactions within and between humans and information systems.

Therefore, the objectives of MOST include construction of an efficient mechanism for the flow of thought and know-how and exchange of experiences between universities and suppliers of telecommunication services, as well as widely understood media. MOST seeks to find solutions to concrete problems through joint projects of technical and business character as well as undertaking of an educational or sociological nature. MOST works on setting up a sound and workable regional mechanism that can help organise broad cooperation between universities, research centres and laboratories, wireless telecommunications providers and content providers operating in Central Europe and Eastern Europe. MOST maintains the Secretariat of the Polish Platform on Mobile Communications and Wireless Technology. The Platform was founded in 2005 and associates 39 key mobile industry players in Poland, R&D institutions as well as small and medium enterprises. It fosters collaborative R&D undertakings, encourages and facilitates profiting from financial resources dedicated for R&D activities in Poland and Europe. The Platform’s Secretariat has the status of the National Contact Point fro European Programmes in the field of Mobile Communications and Wireless Technologies.

MOST is an active event organizer, cooperating with institutions of different nature. Its track record includes over 30 events of different nature: seminars, conferences, exhibitions or happy hour discussion meetings of educational, technical, political or cultural character responding to all possible expectations.

MOST has already gained substantial experience in FP6 project execution as between March 2005 and 2006 it has been successfully coordinating ALIPRO project supported from the resources of the 3rd call of FP6 (Contract no.: 015811). Furthermore, from February 2005, MOST supported the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, at EASIER project aimed at engaging regional SMEs within the ICT sector in EU research. MOST was also a partner of the Strategy for Software and Services project (3S) financed under the 5th call of FP6. The Project supported the goals of the IST Priority in developing and implementing a Joint European Strategy for R&D and Industry in the Software & Services field until year 2020, pushing the involvement of the EU to a competitive position worldwide and the new project HOLA! – Initiative for the enHacement of cOLlaboration and Advancement of future ICT services in Europe (CSA, ICT call 5).

MOST Foundation operates in liaison with BRAMA, a mobile technology laboratory and technology incubator at Warsaw University of Technology

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