PIIiT - The Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications

The Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications was established in 1993.


Supporting activities

  • Evaluation of Acts and decrees related to business in the sectors of information technology and telecommunication, combined with provision of information about their effects to members of the Chamber.
  • Formulation of opinions of the circles of interested professionals on the draft Acts and decrees of potential effect on the ICT business (copyright, tax law, telecommuni¬cation law, public procurement law, electronic signature and electronic document, protection of personal data, electronic rendering of services, worn out electronic equipment, etc.).
  • Presentation to the government of the opinions of the IT and telecommunication circles on draft Acts and decrees, and lobbying for rational development of the ICT market.
  • Support and representation of the Chamber members at the administration agencies in matters of critical importance for relevant companies.
  • Furnishing media with information about events of importance for the IT and telecommunication companies.
  • Evaluation and furnishing of information to the Chamber members about potential effects of implementation of European Directives on the business running methods on the Polish and European ICT market.
  • Presentation of opinions and lobbying at European Commission and European Parliament for matters of advantage for the Polish companies, in the line of legal solutions presented in the ICT development directives and programs.
  • Promotion of the Polish ICT market at the circles of the government, parliament, State administration and local-government administration through support of exhibitions, fairs and conferences, and through organization of presentations and discussions concerning matters of importance for development of the ICT sector.
  • Promotion of the Polish ICT and telecommunication companies on the EU markets and in other selected regions (Ukraine, Canada, Australia, USA, Far East), combined with maintenance of contacts with the trade missions.
  • Arbitration of business disputes and those concerning ownership of the Internet domains.

Most important achievements

  1.  Constructive collaboration with MPs and administration authorities for rational and effective development of the ICT market in Poland.
  2. Putting in order of the rules which govern assignment of import quota, liquidation of customs duties charged on components and subassemblies for assembly of PCs, and rationalization of the "B" certification process applicable to digital equipment.
  3. Statutory unification of VAT charged on the software in goods turnover and granting of user licenses, leading to simplification of the corporate tax clearing process.
  4. Consolidation of the groups of telecommunication operators in opinionating and presentation of their postulates concerning consecutive amendments of the Telecommunication Law and executory orders, and representation of operators at the offices for regulation and protection of consumers.
  5. Acceptance by the parliamentary committees of the provisions which were presented by the Chamber for inclusion in the Acts on Electronic Rendering of Services, Protection of Personal Data and Electronic Signature, leading to simplification of the technical implementation of duties imposed by said Acts.
  6. Inclusion in the Public Procurement Law of provisions which facilitate purchase through electronic auctions, and provisions which improve efficiency of the public procurement tendering, and elaboration of rules to govern drawing-up of the Terms of Reference concerning digital equipment.
  7. Inclusion, in the Act on Development of Information Technology at Entities Implementing Public Tasks, of the postulate that requires technological neutrality of the solutions and rules applicable to interoperability of the ITC systems, plus an active participation in elaboration of the State Information Technology Development Plan.
  8. Presence at the European Union forum through active participation in operations of EICTA that proceeds with lobbying at the European Parliament and Commission.
  9. Active furnishing of information to media about functioning of the ITC market in Poland and European Union, combined with presentation of opinions and arguments formulated by companies.
  10. Organization of TeraForum, conferences and seminars which present achievements of the ICT market and issues of the province of tax law, telecommunication law, EU regulations and introduction of the quality management systems.
  11. Promotion of the Polish companies and ICT market in Germany at the CeBIT Fair, in Ukraine and in other countries, done in collaboration with the trade departments of embassies.
  12. Running of the Court of Conciliation at the Chamber for examination of disputes concerning ownership of domains type *.pl.

The Organisation site: http://www.piit.org.pl/