SEP - Association of Polish Electrical Engineers

SEP  uninterruptedly from year 1919:

  • initiates and supports scientific activity in Poland in the field of electrical engineering in close link with progress taking place in the world technology;
  • contributes to development of all fields of electrical engineering in Poland;
  • takes care for the upgrading of qualifications of electricians, their technical culture, professional ethics and popularizes the knowledge of electrical engineering in the society;
  • integrates professionally and socially electrical engineers and gives support to its members;
  • takes care of studying youth and young technical cadres beginning their professional work, funds scientific scholarships;
  • organizes international, national and regional conferences, symposia and forums devoted to most actual problems of electrical engineering as well as competitions, exhibitions and technical-cum-tourist excursions;
  • cooperates with foreign engineers? organizations, securing access for Polish specialists to advanced information on development of electrical engineering and to win the title European Engineer, being a member of a Convention of National Societies of Electrical Engineers of Europe EUREL;
  • prepares opinions pertaining to programs, legal acts and other documents elaborated by the administrative authorities and other organizations;
  • presents to authorities, institutions and interested organizations own views regarding principal problems and solutions in the field of electrical engineering;
  • influences the scope and content of educational programs in the field of electrical engineering;
  • organizes training and self-improvement courses for electricians, and conducts skill-upgrading examinations;
  • participates in establishing standards and technical regulations, establishes pre-standards, standards and standardization commentaries of SEP;
  • conducts quality tests of various types of equipment and electrical products;
  • grants recommendations and rights to use the sign of SEP recommendation to firms from the field of electrical industry producing high quality products or rendering services at an appropriate high quality level;
  • publishes periodicals of the trade, exercises the policy of shaping publication trends, as well as issues books and other materials designated for the circles of electricians? professionals;
  • carries out commercial activity in the filed of electrics.

SEP has its branches in all voivodship capital cities and several other urban agglomerations.

The branches unite field circles, circles at the industrial plants and circles of members of one speciality. Members of SEP belong to selected by themselves one or few specialist's sections.

Several scientific-technical committees act within SEP, gathering outstanding scientists and practitioners in the selected field of electrical engineering. Some of them called 'Polish Committees', represent SEP in international organizations.

More than ten scientific-technical sections, having their equivalents in branches of SEP, group members of SEP from the same field of electrical engineering or similar interests. Sections as well as committees conduct activities connected with the development of their areas of electrical engineering.

Regular members of SEP can be engineers, technicians and students, meeting the criteria of SEP status.

Regular members of SEP can:

  • take part in events organized by SEP at the privileged terms,
  • take advantage of technical information available with SEP,
  • avail themselves of the Society's assistance in their professional activity,
  • receive help from SEP in their life's problems
  • take part as experts or specialists in commercial activities of SEP,
  • take advantage of discounts in subscribing periodicals issued by SEP,

Supporting members of SEP can be legal persons and natural persons interested in activities of SEP and supporting it pecuniary.
Supporting members of SEP can register in branches of SEP or at the Main Board of SEP.
Main Board of SEP or Branch of SEP:

  • organize events contributing to the realization of technical and economic objectives of supporting members
  • propagate in its publications activities of supporting members
  • ensure participation of representatives of supporting members in events organized by themselves. 

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