Courses conducted remotely during the period 23.03. - 14.04.2020

Announcement from Faculty of electronic and Information Technology

In reference to Rector’s Decision No. 16/2020, from 16.03.2020 § 2 section 1 and 2 all the courses included in the schedule of academic year 2019/2020 from 23.03.2020 till 14.04.2020 will be considered as courses conducted remotely excluding only those courses which remote implementation
is not possible.

Each of the course coordinators will inform student registered to it in what way exactly the remote course will be held.

Please follow the instructions and arrangements given by the course coordinators.
The time of absence at the university is not free time. 


There can be doubts if the audio-video content presented by course tutor during remote courses can be recorded and shared. I remind the entry from the Academic Regulations of Warsaw University of Technology § 11 section 8 "Students may record sound and image during classes only upon the consent of the course tutor. Should such consent be granted, the recorded materials may not be made publicly available."


Announcement from WUT Language School 

From 16.03.2020, all teachers from WUT Language School will contact their students and send information on the organization of remote learning together with appropriate teaching materials. Contact will be made to the email addresses provided by the students. If a student does not receive
an email from his language teacher by 20.03.2020 he should contact them via email.
All emails are available on the site: listed divided by languages.