InTechFun - Innovative technologies of multi-functional materials and structures for nanoelectronics, photonics, spintronics and sensors

Jan Szmidt, Professor Ph.D., - IMiO PW, Wojciech Gwarek - IRE PW
+48 22 234 77 76
+48 22 628 87 40

Project coordinator: Instytut Technologii Elektronowej


  • Institute of Electron Technology – coordinator
  • Institute of Pysics Polish Academy of Science
  • Silesian University of Technology 4. Technical University of Lodz
  • Military University of Technology

Aim of project: The main aim of this project is to integrate different semiconductors and technologies and develope new semiconductor devices based on creative and innovative technological solutions and designs. The project is focused on wide bandgap materials like zinc oxide and related films, galium nitride and related epitaxial layers, silicon carbide. The functional thin layers for ohmic and rectifying contacts, interconnections, gate dielectrics and passivation have been developing based on four material groups: stable thermal oxides, nitrides, carbides and borides. The thin film technology includes fabrication and patterning of metalic, dielectric and epitaxial layers developed as separete and multi-purpose modules which could be integrated in full cycle of device fabrication at last stage of the project. Demonstrators of electronic and optoelectronic devices and sensors will be the final result of different materials integration.

Expected results:

  • Design, fabrication, development and characterization of SiC MOSFET transistors;
  • Design, fabrication, development and characterization of HEMT AlGaN/GaN transistors on silicon substrate;
  • Design, fabrication, development and characterization of multi-parameter classifier of liquid biofuels quality.

Project site: