The Institute of Computer Science

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  1. The Institute's research areas
  2. Recent research results
  3. Selected research projects
  4. Scientific characteristics

Several of the Institute research projects are carried out in cooperation with external partners, both commercial and research institutions. Such cooperation includes projects commissioned by industry (both Polish companies and global corporations) and also international collaboration, within e.g. European Commission Framework Programme research consortia, or with international institutions (such as United Nations).

Recent projects include:


  • Adapting fault injection techniques to improve Samsung mobile products., 2010-2011;
  • Rich Internet Application infrastructure for Mobile Device and Mobile Wikipedia Application, 2008- 2009.

Project for France Telecom RTD

  • Text Mining Platform Supporting Ontology Building and Maintenance, 2005 - 2007.

 Projects for United Nations

  • Design and build of a new WWW-ISIS for both Windows and Linux, December 2009 - 30 November 2010. Collective project for FAO;
  • A visualization platform for "assessment landscape" and statistical analyses for the UNEP's system PEARL, June 2007, UNEP.

Projects for Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.

  • Semantic rules creation system for voice services with built in speech recognition;
  • Feasibility study and a current research survey of methods and technologies of services discovery and composition by multi agent systems, with special emphasis on natural language queries.

European Union Framework Programme projects 

  • AMI-SME - Analysis of Marketing Information for Small-and Medium size Enterprises;
  • KNOW IT - The innovative Pathfinder, an IT-solution guide to support innovation processes in SME.

The Institute carries out also several projects funded as grants from the Ministry of Scientific Research, the Warsaw University of Technology Rector and the Dean of the Faculty.