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At each faculty and college there are different rules and customs. Sometimes you can feel confused and need help: you want to know how to postpone your exam, how to talk to the professor. Where should you seek help? It is worth to find office of Students’ Union Faculty Council (WRS) - representatives of Students’ Union at your faculty or college. There you can always get a piece of advice. Nevertheless, there are matters that you have to remember about.

Dean's office

Here you can find information abort your timetable, programme of studies, terms of exams. In the office you can arrange all formalities concerning dormitories, scholarships, certificates and documents you need. It is recommended to visit dean’s office regularly, even once a week, as this is the place where all the announcements and notices concerning studies are placed. Remember to observe the opening hours of Dean’s office. Otherwise, you can be a victim of anger of ladies working in the office. But remember: even if you met with cold reception in the Dean’s office, don’t lose hart. Everybody has a bad day sometime. In case of problems you can’t handle yourself, ask people from Students’ Union for help.


Dean is ‘in command’ of the whole faculty. Vice Deans help the Dean in managing the faculty. During your studies you’ll meet two of them. Vice Dean responsible for Students’ Affairs takes care of all the issues concerning students (scholarships, dormitories etc.). This is the person you can ask for help in case of problems with your lecturer, examinations, passing some classes. Vice Dean responsible for Studies (or Academic Affairs) takes care of educational and teaching process at the faculty. He approves decisions of removing students from studies, accepts conditional registration on next semester and allows writing off some payments for failed classes.


There are three exam sessions in each academic year: winter, summer and autumn examinations. Every student has a right to two terms of exam after each semester: two terms in winter and two terms in summer (or in autumn). Each exam session lasts two weeks. Terms of exams are given by lecturers in the end of the semester. Timetable of exams is also available in the Dean’s office and on the faculty’s website. Terms of exams are usually known two or three weeks before examinations. If you know them early enough, you can plan the pace of preparation to exams.



Foreign students who are citizens of European Union countries or citizens of EFTA countries can apply for following scholarships:

  • scientific scholarship (for excellent results during studies)
  • scholarship for excellent sports results
  • scholarship for disabled students

Students from EU or EFTA countries have the same rights to aplly for scholarships listed above as Polish students.

Foreign students who are not citizens of European Union countries or citizens of EFTA countries cannot apply for the scholarships listed above. Nevertheless, they can apply for the Rector prize for excellent results in studies or sport.

To obtain a scholarship, first visit the website (you will probably need some assistance from Polish speaking colleagues), download an application form and fill it in. The filled form should be applied to the Dean’s office in the beginning of the academic year. Remember: to obtain the scholarship you need to be registered as a student of a particular faculty.

Foreign students are not entitled to obtain a social scholarship and subsistence allowance.



Main Library

Departments of the Main Library listed below are placed in the Main Building of Warsaw University of Technology.

Lending Library for Employees , room 69
Lending Library (for employees and PhD students), room 69
Lending Library for Students , room 71 Lending Library for Students with free access to book collection, room 71a
Pracownia Reprograficzna , room 74
Centre of Scientific Information , room 161 B and C
Scientific and Technical Information Network - STN International, room 161 D
Catalogue room (training room), room 162 A
Reading Room of Periodicals , room 242
Entresol , room 243
Main Reading Room , room 336

Branches of Main Library and libraries in dormitories

86 Narbutta Street , II floor, room 206, 216
phone: (22) 234-82-29, (22) 849-93-50
Library at the Faculty of Chemistry
3 Noakowskiego Street
Library at the School of Social and Technical Sciences in Plock
17 Łukasiewicza Street, 09-400 P³ock
phone: (24) 367-21-22
Library in the dormitory Akademik
5 Akademicka Street, room 294
phone: (22) 234-44-24
Library in the dormitory Babilon
12/16 Kopińska Street
phone: (22) 234-40-05
Library in dormitory Zaczek
141a Woloska Street
phone: (22) 234-87-51

Apart from branches listed above there are libraries and reading rooms at every faculty and at most of the institutes. More information about addresses and opening hours of libraries are available on the website of the Main Library