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  1. Introduction
  2. Bilateral Agreements and Exchange Students
  3. Application Procedure for Incoming Students
  4. Contact Persons
  5. Visa
  6. Insurance
  7. Accomodation
  8. Grading system

Grading system

The official information about the grading system used in our Faculty is available on the  dedicated website.

Here we describe only some additional details, which may be usefull for ERASMUS students and their coordinators, wanting to translate our grades to their local grading system.

In our local grading system the final note depends on the percentage of the goal of the course achieved by the student (not related to the results obtained by other students). The table below shows the relationship between the results obtained by the student and the final grade:

Percentage of goals achieved
(percentage of points)
100% to 91% 5 five or „very good”
90% to 81% 4.5 four and a half or „above good ”
80% to 71% 4 four or „good ”
70% to 61% 3.5 three and a half or „fairly good ”
60% to 51% 3 three or „satisfactory”
50% to 0% 2 two or „fail”