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  1. Introduction
  2. Bilateral Agreements and Exchange Students
  3. Application Procedure for Incoming Students
  4. Contact Persons
  5. Visa
  6. Insurance
  7. Accomodation
  8. Grading system


Application Procedure for Incoming Students


Erasmus exchange students wishing to come to the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, should provide the following documents:

  • Student Application
  • Learning Agreement
  • Transcript of Records
  • A copy of passport (or ID card)

We encourage students to submit their applications as soon as possible, especially if they also want to apply for the accommodation in one of the University’s student residence halls. Late applications may appear when neither single rooms nor rooms of higher standard are left at our disposal.

These documents should be returned in due time, i.e.:

  • before 15th June – for the winter semester or full academic year,
  • before 15th December – for the summer semester.

The documents should be sent either by the Erasmus coordinator from the home institution or should be accompanied by the official statement from the coordinator confirming the student’s eligibility for the exchange programme.

When filling the Learning Agreement, please check the list of courses, taught in English, which are available in the current academic year (and probably will be available in the next academic year).

Taking an individual project (e.g. thesis preparation) is possible, but only if both the subject and the supervisor are agreed in advance, based on existing scientific or didactical cooperation between  sending and receiving institutions.


Model Documents, Templates and Forms to Download


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