Admission Requirements

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Every foreign candidate who wishes to study in Poland must hold a Maturity Certificate in order to qualify for admission to an academic institution. A B.Sc. diploma (or equivalent diploma) in area according or related to Information and Communications Technology is required. It is recognized by the Faculty Council, if the undergraduate education satisfies the expectations of our M.Sc. program (and the candidate is capable of taking it). The diploma has to be legalized — it has to be supplemented by a statement that it is authentic (there are different legal ways of legalization including a statement from Polish diplomatic post). Along with the B.Sc. diploma (or equivalent diploma) it is necessary to submit a certificate of the completion of a higher secondary school. The certificate of the completion of a higher secondary school abroad may be accepted if the total duration of the education leading to the certificate has been at least 11 years.

Secondary school matriculation certificates awarded abroad and secondary school completion certificates from abroad are considered as the equivalent to the matriculation certificates of public secondary schools and secondary vocational schools if: theycontain a clause confirming the right to apply for admission to academic institutions in the country where the certificate was issued. If this is not the case, the applicant must supply, together with the school certificate, a letter from the school or from an appropriate authority in the country where the certificate was issued (i.e. the Ministry of Education, local educational authority etc.) stating that with such a certificate the candidate is eligible for admission to an academic institution. The Polish foreign service representative office or a consular office can offer advice on how to obtain such a document [Documents issued in one country which need to be used in another country (i.e. Poland) must be authenticated or legalized before they can be recognized as valid by Polish authorities. The apostille is the legalization provided by the appropriate institution in the country where the document/certificate was issued ] or can assess whether the presented certificate entitles the holder to apply to a university in Poland.


How to Apply

The application form, together with copies of the documents listed in the form, must be sent by post to:

International Students Office
Warsaw University of Technology
Pl. Politechniki 1, 00-661 Warsaw, Poland

The originality of the maturity Certificate and, if necessary, the letter confirming that this certificate entitles the candidate to be admitted to an academic institution must be confirmed by the Polish Foreign Service representative office, or a consular office. This statement must be attached to the sent documents.

Only applications received until the 15th August for the Winter Semester or until the 5th January for the Summer Semester sent with the copy of application fee payment slip will be considered as valid submissions for the academic year beginning in October or in February, respectively. Within two weeks the International Students Office will send the decisions to the applicants. Additional information about programmes, application procedures and other related matters can be obtained from the International Students Office:


A non-returnable application fee of 200 euros must be paid to:

Warsaw University of Technology
International Students Office

Account details:

Bank PEKAO SA, IV o/Warszawa
account number: PL 81 1240 1053 1111 0000 0500 5664

The payment order must include the student’s full name.


On Being Accepted

Candidates wil get the admission decisions. For non-EU citizens requiring an entry visa a letter to the Polish Consulate or Embassy supporting the visa application will be provided. An application form for a Polish visa is available at:
http:// ?document=2348.

At this stage the candidate must cover some costs. The Polish Consulate or Embassy will issue a conditional pro forma promise which is valid for a short period of time. After obtaining it the candidate will be expected to arrange international health insurance cover (detailed information about the type and length of required insurance is available at the Polish Consulates or Embassies) and to pay the tuition fee [The fee is repayable upon encountering any problems with the student’s arrival ] for the first year of the course.

A Polish visa will be issued upon the presentation of the health insurance and the original receipt for the payment of fees.

At the moment of the final application for the Polish visa an application for a place in a students’ hall of residence (if necessary) must be submitted.


On Arrival

Prior to arrival the candidate must check if a place in the students’ hall of residence was assigned (if applicable).

The candidate must bring and present the following documents to the International Students Office:

  • originals of all documents submitted as copies with the application form,
  • sworn translation in Polish [The translation can be arranged upon arrival (in Poland) and the International Students Office can assist in this matter] of the school certificate,
  • the payment slip confirming the tuition fee transfer,
  • the certificate of long-term health insurance,
  • a medical report completed by a medical doctor.