Program of the CSN Specialization

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Programme of the CSN Specialization


The graduates of the master's degree programme in the Computer Systems and Networks have the comprehensive qualifications in the area of computer-science fundamentals, including fundamentals of information processing, as well as in the area of algorithms and system modeling. They are proficient in computer programming and skilful in using the computer tools efficiently.

They are self-reliant in scheduling, implementing and verifying complex computer projects. Their knowledge enables them to quickly adapt themselves to the rapidly changing environment. Depending on the final profiling, the graduates are well prepared for the research work, for the design, implementation and operation of computer systems and digital equipment, for the software development, for the administration of computer systems and networks as well as for the implementation of security systems.

Computer Systems and Networks (CSN) - Specialization
Semesters: 1 2 3 4
 Courses (or groups of courses) ECTS credits
 CSN Fundamentals 30      
 Discrete Random Processes   6    
 Pattern Recognition   6    
 Evolutionary Algorithms   6    
 Systems for Internet of Things   6    
 Parallel Numerical Methods     6  
 Distributed Computing and Systems     6  
 Data Mining     6  
 Intelligent Information Systems     6  
 Image and Speech Recognition       6
 Non-ICT Electives   3   3
 M.Sc. Diploma Project & Seminar   3 6 21
30 30 30 30