Program of the TCM Specialization

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Programme of the TCM Specialization


The graduates of the master’s degree programme in the Telecommunications have the knowledge and skills necessary for the design, implementation and operation of telecommunication circuits, equipment and systems based on modern technologies.

They know, in particular, the methods and techniques for transmission of information by means of radiowaves – using the potential of digital techniques, computers and other advanced technologies – as well as the methods for image and sound processing. The qualifications of the graduates include the capabilities necessary for solving system problems that require comprehensive knowledge in the areas of telecommunications and computer science, combined with some non-engineering knowledge.

Depending on the final profiling, the graduates are well prepared for the research work or for the design and operation of telecommunication and data-communication equipment and systems, as well as for designing multimedia systems and their Internet applications.

Telecommunications (TCM) - Specialization
Semesters: 1 2 3 4
 Courses (or groups of courses) ECTS credits
 TCM Fundamentals 30      
 Discrete Random Processes   6    
 Computational Electromagnetics for Telecommunication   6    
 Queuing Theory   6    
 Adaptive Image Recognition   6    
 Techniques and Algorithms for Signal Processing     6  
 Adaptive Signal Processing     6  
 IP Multimedia Subsystem     6  
 Digital Communications     6  
 Optical Fiber Transmission       6
 Non-ICT Electives   3   3
 M.Sc. Diploma Project & Seminar   3 6 21
30 30 30 30