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Academic Regulations

Article index

  1. Introduction
  2. General rules
  3. Rights and duties of students
  4. Organisation of the academic year
  5. Organisation of degree programmes
  6. Completion of classes
  7. Examination
  8. Completion of a course
  9. Grading scale
  10. Arrangements for students following a part of the curriculum outside their home faculty
  11. Completion of a semester of study
  12. Registration for the next year or semester of study
  13. Arrangements for students following an individualised study programme
  14. Arrangements for students following more than one degree programme in parallel
  15. Transfers
  16. Arrangements for resuming study
  17. Leave of absence
  18. The diploma thesis
  19. The diploma examination
  20. Graduation
  21. Ranking of graduates
  22. Prizes and distinctions
  23. Liability of students
  24. Circumstances of striking students from the register of students
  25. Final and transitional provisions

Academic Regulations of the Warsaw University of Technology

Text adopted by the Senate of the Warsaw University of Technology on 19 April 2006.


§ 1.

  1. These regulations shall apply to first-cycle programmes, leading to a Bachelor’s degree (inżynier or licencjat), and second-cycle programmes, leading to a Master’s degree (magister or an equivalent degree), as well as long-cycle programmes, leading to a Master’s degree (magister or an equivalent degree), provided as both full-time and part-time programmes.
  2. Part-time degree programmes and some other educational services shall be offered to students and other persons on a fee-paying basis. The types of services for which fees are chargeable and the amounts thereof shall be laid down by the Rector in a regulation. The Senate of the Warsaw University of Technology shall lay down detailed rules for charging such fees, including the procedure and conditions for exemption therefrom. The University shall conclude a written agreement with each student, setting out the conditions for the payment of tuition fees for a given part-time degree programme.
  3. The terms dean, faculty board and faculty-level self-government body shall also refer respectively to the head, board and student self-government body of any unit providing a degree programme other than a faculty.