Reasearch areas of IMiO divisions

Article index

  1. Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics Devices Division
  2. VLSI Engineering and Design Automation Division
  3. Image and Microwave Photonics Division
  4. Microsystem and Electronic Material Technology Division
  5. Optoelectronics Division

Image and Microwave Photonics Division

The main areas of research activity of the Division are the technology of electronic imaging devices, digital image processing, propagation electronics and microwave photonics.


Members of the academic staff are involved in research and development works on:

  • theoretical principles of image modelling, processing and analysis;
  • application of image processing methods for diagnostic control and measurement systems in industry, medicine, research and commerce;
  • image acquisition in polarization imaging systems and optical image processing;
  • 3D Vision methods and algorithms;
  • electro optic effects in liquid crystals and their applications to LCD and photo refractive phenomena in liquid crystals;
  • an analysis of the oscillation conditions, frequency stabilisation and synthesis in microwave bands;
  • measurement techniques of microwave circuits and devices parameters with emphasis on automation and computerisation of measurement methods;
  • modelling and computer aided design of microwave devices and circuits;
  • controlling of microwave circuits parameters by means of optical signals;
  • investigations and modelling of optical-microwave frequency conversion processes;
  • modelling of optically controlled microwave devices, as photodiodes, photo-varactors, phototransistors;
  • modelling of optoelectronic and microwave devices for data transmission networks.