Bilateral Agreements in the Academic Year 2005/2006

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The List of Bilateral Agreements in the Academic Year 2005/2006


Bilateral Agreements in the 
 Academic Year 2005/2006
Different countries 11
Different universities 24
Number of places in total 45


The list of Bilateral Agreements, provided in the following table, includes only those that was valid in the Academic Year 2005/2006.
No Country University Code Valid.From Valid.To Yearly Per.Student Contact.Person
1 Belgie Katholieke Hogeschool Sint-Lieven - Gent GENT16 from_2003 to_2007 _2_students _4_months Dr.T.Kosilo
2 Belgie Katholieke Universiteit Leuven LEUVEN01 from_2001 to_2006 _1_student _10_months Dr.D.Turlej
3 Deutschland Fachhochschule Esslingen ESSLIG03 from_2003 to_2006 _3_students _6_months Dr.D.Turlej
4 Deutschland Technische Universitat Munchen MUNCHEN02 from_2005 to_2007 _1_student _6_months Dr.D.Turlej
5 Deutschland Technische Universitat Berlin BERLIN02 from_2004 to_2007 _2_students _6_months Prof.J.Dobrowolski
6 Deutschland Universitat Gesamthochschule Kassel KASSEL01 from_2000 to_2006 _2_students _5_months Dr.W.Wiatr
7 Danmark Aalborg Universitet ALBORG01 from_2005 to_2007 _2_students _6_months Prof.J.Zabrodzki
8 Espana Universitat Politecnica de Valencia VALENCI02 from_2003 to_2006 _2_students _6_months Dr.J.Dusza
9 Espana Universitat de Valencia VALENCI01 from_2003 to_2006 _1_student _9_months Dr.J.Dusza
10 Espana Universitat de Valencia VALENCI01 from_2003 to_2006 _2_students _6_months Dr.J.Dusza
11 France Ecole Superieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles de la Ville de Paris PARIS064 from_2002 to_2010 _1_student _3_months Dr.S.Jankowski
12 France Henri Poincare University (Ecole Superieure des Sciences et Technologies de l'Ingenieur de Nancy) NANCY01 from_2005 to_2007 _2_students _5_months Dr.D.Turlej
13 France Universite de Nantes NANTES01 from_2004 to_2007 _2_students _6_months Dr.D.Turlej
14 France Universite de Rennes RENNES01 from_2004 to_2006 _1_student _5_months Dr.D.Turlej
15 Italia Universita degli Studi del Sannio, Benevento BENEVEN02 from_2004 to_2007 _6_students _6_months Dr.A.Platonow
16 Italia Universita degli Studi di Catania CATANIA01 from_2003 to_2006 _2_students _6_months Dr.S.Jankowski
17 Italia Universita degli Studi di Messina MESSINA01 from_2003 to_2006 _1_student _6_months Dr.D.Turlej
18 Italia Universita degli Studi di Roma - La Sapienza ROMA01 from_2002 to_2006 _1_student _6_months Dr.S.Jankowski
19 Nederlanden Rijksuniversiteit Groningen GRONING01 from_2005 to_2007 _1_student _6_months Dr.D.Turlej
20 Portugal Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa LISBOA04 from_2003 to_2006 _2_students _3_months Dr.T.Kosilo
21 Sverige Kungliga Tekniska Hogskolan STOCKHO04 from_2005 to_2006 _0_students _0_months Dr.D.Turlej
22 Sverige Linkopings Universitet LINKOPI01 from_2002 to_2006 _0_students _0_months Dr.S.Jankowski
23 Turkiye Mugla Universitesi MUGLA01 from_2006 to_2007 _2_students _6_months Dr.D.Turlej
24 United Kingdom Coventry University COVENTR02 from_2005 to_2008 _4_students _10_months Dr.D.Turlej
25 United Kingdom University of Southampton SOUTHAM01 from_2005 to_2006 _2_students _6_months Dr.D.Turlej