Bilateral Agreements in the Academic Year 2014/2015

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The List of Bilateral Agreements in the Academic Year 2014/2015


Bilateral Agreements in the 
 Academic Year 2014/2015
Different countries 15
Different universities 65
Number of places in total 156


The list of Bilateral Agreements, provided in the following table, includes only those that was valid in the Academic Year 2014/2015.
No Country University Code Valid.From Valid.To Yearly Per.Student Contact.Person
Österreich Fachhochschule Oberösterreich WELS01 from_2014 to_2017 _2_students _12_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
Österreich Fachhochschule St. Pölten ST-POLT03 from_2010 to_2021 _2_students _10_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
Österreich Universität Wien WIEN01 from_2010 to_2021 _2_students _10_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
Deutschland Aachen University AACHEN01 from_2014 to_2021 _3_students _6_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
Deutschland Brandenburgische Technische Universitat Cottbus COTTBUS01 from_2014 to_2015 _2_students _12_months Prof.W.Kuzmicz
Deutschland Hochschule fr Telekommunikation Leipzig LEIPZIG10 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _9_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
Deutschland Karlsruher Institut fur Technologie KARLSRU01 from_2009 to_2021 _1_student _10_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
Deutschland Technische Universitaet Darmstadt DARMSTA01 from_2013 to_2015 _2_students _10_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
Deutschland Technische Universität Dresden DRESDEN02 from_2009 to_2021 _1_student _12_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
10  Deutschland Technische Universitat Hamburg-Harburg HAMBURG03 from_2012 to_2021 _2_students _10_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
11  Espana Mondragon Unibertsitatea MONDRAG01 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _10_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
12  Espana Universidad Carlos III de Madrid MADRID14 from_2014 to_2021 _4_students _5_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
13  Espana Universidad Católica Santa Teresa de Jesus de Avila AVILA01 from_2011 to_2021 _2_students _10_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
14  Espana Universidad Complutense de Madrid MADRID03 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _9_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
15  Espana Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha CIUDAR01 from_2009 to_2021 _2_students _9_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
16  Espana Universidad de Deusto BILBAO02 from_2008 to_2021 _4_students _5_months Dr.J.Dusza
17  Espana Universidad de Granada GRANADA01 from_2012 to_2021 _4_students _10_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
18  Espana Universidad de Leon LEON01 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _10_months Dr.J.Dusza
19  Espana Universidad de Málaga MALAGA01 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _10_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
20  Espana Universidad de Valladolid VALLADO01 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _5_months Dr.J.Dusza
21  Espana Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche ELCHE01 from_2012 to_2021 _2_students _9_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
22  Espana Universidad Politecnica de Valencia ETSI Informatica VALENCI02ETSII from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _10_months Dr.J.Dusza
23  Espana Universidad Politecnica de Valencia ETSI Telecomunicacion VALENCI02ETSIT from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _6_months Dr.J.Dusza
24  Espana Universidad Publica de Navarra PAMPLON02 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _12_months Prof.P.Szczepanski
25  Espana Universitat de Valencia VALENCI01 from_2014 to_2021 _5_students _10_months Dr.J.Dusza
26  Espana Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya BARCELO03 from_2012 to_2021 _4_students _5_months Dr.J.Dusza
27  Espana Universitat Politecnica de Madrid MADRID05 from_2014 to_2021 _4_students _12_months Dr.J.Dusza
28  Espana Universitat Ramon Llull BARCELO16 from_2010 to_2021 _2_students _10_months Dr.S.Jankowski
29  Espana UPC.Facultat d'Informatica de Barcelona BARCELO03.FIB from_2010 to_2021 _2_students _10_months Dr.J.Dusza
30  Espana UPM.Facultad de Informatica MADRID05.FI from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _12_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
31  France Ecole Centrale d'Electronique PARIS222 from_2014 to_2021 _4_students _10_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
32  France Ecole Centrale de Nantes NANTES07 from_2014 to_2021 _4_students _5_months Prof.C.Zielinski
33  France Ecole d'ingénieurs des technologies de l'information et du management - EFREI PARIS066 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _9_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
34  France ESIEE PARIS NOISY02 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _5_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
35  France Grenoble Institute of Technology GRENOBL22 from_2014 to_2021 _4_students _10_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
36  France Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Lyon LYON12 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _10_months Dr.E.Piatkowska.Janko
37  France Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse TOULOUS28 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _6_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
38  France Universite de Lorraine NANCY43 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _6_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
39  France Université de Nantes NANTES01 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _6_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
40  Ελλάδα Aristotle University of Thessaloniki THESSAL01 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _10_months Dr.W.Pleskacz
41  Hrvatska University of Zagreb ZAGREB01 from_2014 to_2021 _4_students _6_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
42  Magyarorszag Budapest University of Technology and Economics BUDAPES02 from_2014 to_2021 _1_student _5_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
43  Italia Politecnico di Milano MILANO02 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _10_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
44  Italia Universita degli Studi di Catania CATANIA01 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _9_months Dr.S.Jankowski
45  Italia Universita degli Studi di Messina MESSINA01 from_2014 to_2021 _1_student _6_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
46  Italia Universita degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia MODENA01 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _5_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
47  Italia Universita degli Studi di Roma - La Sapienza ROMA01 from_2014 to_2021 _1_student _6_months Dr.S.Jankowski
48  Italia Universita degli Studi di Roma - Tor Vergata ROMA02 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _10_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
49  Lietuva Vilniaus Gedimino Technikos Universitetas VILNIUS02 from_2014 to_2021 _1_student _5_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
50  Nederland Fontys University of Applied Sciences EINDHOV03 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _5_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
51  Nederland Technische Universiteit Delft DELFT01 from_2014 to_2021 _3_students _5_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
52  Nederland Technische Universiteit Eindhoven EINDHOV17 from_2014 to_2016 _4_students _10_months Prof.W.Kuzmicz
53  Nederland Universiteit Twente ENSCHED01 from_2014 to_2021 _3_students _5_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
54  Portugal Instituto Politecnico de Viana do Castelo VIANADO01 from_2014 to_2021 _4_students _10_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
55  Portugal Tecnico Lisboa Universidade de Lisboa LISBOA109 from_2014 to_2021 _4_students _6_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
56  Portugal Universidade Lusiada-Lisboa LISBOA12 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _10_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
57  Suomi Helsinki Metroplia University of Applied Sciebces HELSINK41 from_2014 to_2017 _2_students _5_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
58  Suomi Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu TAMPERE06 from_2014 to_2018 _3_students _5_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
59  Slovenja University of Ljubljana LJUBLJA01 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _6_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
60  Türkiye Anadolu Üniversitesi ESKISEH01 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _10_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
61  Türkiye Istanbul University ISTANBU03 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _10_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
62  Türkiye Mugla Universitesi MUGLA01 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _6_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
63  Türkiye Yasar University IZMIR05 from_2014 to_2021 _2_students _5_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
64  Türkiye Yildiz Teknik Üniversitesi ISTANBUL07 from_2014 to_2021 _4_students _5_months Dr.W.Zabolotny
65  United Kingdom University of Southampton SOUTHAM01 from_2014 to_2017 _1_student _5_months Dr.W.Zabolotny