Przysposobienie biblioteczne dla studentów I roku

The Library Training e-Course for the 1st year students will be available October 10-22, 2023.

Grafika przedstawiająca system Mixway

Grzegorz Siewruk, PhD, Eng, has designed and built the Mixeway system, which significantly improves the security of applications operating in the infrastructure of telecommunication operators. 

App to help refugees

Our students have created a mobile and web app to help refugees. The app, called “Gdzie” (“Where”), directs refugees to places where they can receive assistance. 

Solidarity with the Ukraine

The academic community of the Warsaw University of Technology shows full solidarity with the people of Ukraine in these dark moments. Nothing justifies Russia’s military aggression against its neighbour.

Przysposobienie biblioteczne dla studentów I roku
App to help refugees
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Grafika przedstawiająca system Mixway
Dissimilar project
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