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WEITI lecturers in China

Grzegorz Mazur, M.Sc. and Przemysław Miazga, Ph.D., representatives of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology, stayed for several weeks in China in May and June. This visit is a part of cooperation with the Beibu Gulf University in Quinzhou.

The basis for cooperation between the universities is the agreement on the joint study program signed between the WUT and BGU. Students from Beibu Gulf University study for two years in China, then come to Poland to complete their studies in Computer Science at our Faculty. Our lecturers teach some courses face-to-face in China or online during the first four semesters. These include:

  • Circuit analysis
  • Microcomputer principle and interface technology
  • High-frequency electronic technology
  • Digital electronic technology
  • Telecommunication system and network
  • Dynamic system and control

 In this study program, eight teachers conduct over 400 hours of lectures for 90 to 150 students.

Three teachers were delegated by the Faculty of Electronics of Beibu Gulf University authorities - Li Wanting, Qu Wei, and Jinguo Huang to assist our lecturers. This form of cooperation allowed us to achieve much better teaching results than in the past.

Thank you for the warm welcome, and we hope for further successful cooperation.