Undergraduate Studies

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Undergraduate Studies

undergraduate studies


The programme of study leading to the B.Sc. degree (undergraduate) in the area of Computer Science / Telecommunications (Information and Communications Technology – ICT) is a four-year programme. The area of study encompasses information technology, control and robotics, electronics and telecommunications. The programme embraces a great variety of subjects corresponding to diverse subject areas. All students study the same programme in the first and second year, and then they choose their specialization.


Two specializations are currently offered:

  • Computer Systems and Networks (CSN) in the field of Computer Science,
  • Telecommunications (TCM) in the field of Telecommunications.
Area Specialization
Information and Communications Technology Computer Systems and Networks (CSN)
Telecommunications (TCM)
sem. 1 sem. 2 sem. 3 sem. 4 sem. 5 sem. 6 sem. 7 sem. 8


The bachelor's degree programme requires a minimum of 240 ECTS credits, including credits earned for final project and diploma thesis.

B.Sc. Programme Requirements
  ECTS credits
 Mathematics 30
 Physics 12
 Algorithms & Programming 24
 Circuits & Systems 24
 Computer Systems 24
 Telecommunication Systems 24
 Non-ICT Electives 18
 Language 12
 Physical Education 0
 [ CSN Specialization | TCM Specialization ] 54
 B.Sc. Diploma Project & Seminar 18
  ∑ 240