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Until 1994, the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology had offered only the five-year programme leading up to a degree magister inżynier, equivalent to the Master of Science. The undergraduate studies, providing the graduates with engineering skills directly applicable in industrial practice (according to the traditional German pattern of vocational education), disappeared in the early 70's because of the diminishing demand for graduates whose qualifications got out of date in a few years after graduation due to the rapid advances in electronics and information technology.

The process of deep restructuring of the economy, started in 1989, radically changed the conditions of the functioning of Polish universities. The essential elements of the new situation are the following: growing demand for the graduates in business-related and management-related disciplines, growing demand for service-oriented professions, market-driven professional reorientation of the society, and strong pressure on economically efficient education. In response to these conditions, Polish universities started the process of adaptation to the new circumstances. The transformation of the system of study at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, is one of the most far-reaching reforms of this type in the country. It comprises, in particular, the reintroduction of a 8-semester undergraduate programme of study which follows the Anglo-Saxon pattern of engineering education, rather than the previously adopted German pattern. It comprises, moreover, significant extension of the flexibility of the system of study, introduction of an adaptive system of curricula development and - on this basis - accelerated development of all forms of continuing education.