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Graduate Programme Requirements



The programme of study leading to the M.Sc. degree (graduate) in the area of Information and Communications Technology requires course work in one specialization and a thesis.

The programme lasts two years and students have to choose their specialization and field of study from the beginning.


Two specializations are currently offered:

  • Computer Systems and Networks (CSN) in the field of Computer Science,
  • Telecommunications (TCM) in the field of Telecommunications.
Computer Systems and Networks (CSN)
Telecommunications (TCM)
sem. 1 sem. 2 sem. 3 sem. 4


The master's degree programme requires a minimum of 120 ECTS credits, including credit units earned for research and thesis. The 120 credits requirement may be met by completion of courses offered at the Warsaw University of Technology in combination with transfer credit from other academic institutions. The total amount of transfer credit cannot exceed 30 credits.

M.Sc. Programme Requirements
  ECTS credits
 [ CSN | TCM ] Fundamentals 30
 [ CSN | TCM ] Advanced Courses 48
 Mathematics & Non-ICT Electives 12
 M.Sc. Diploma Project & Seminar 30
  ∑ 120


Each graduate student has a faculty advisor. This professor helps the student plan an academic programme of course work consistent with the degree requirements and the sudent's educational objective. The advisor also supervises the student's research and thesis. The thesis is based on a research project that involves, in part, original material.