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University and Faculty

Warsaw University of Technology functions with its present name since 1915. Nevertheless, history of the university date back to 1826, when Preparatory School to Polytechnic Institute was established. Today it is one of the best universities in Poland and the best technological university with more than 30 thousand students. More then 3 thousand professors and teachers give knowledge and train skills of young people.

General structure of the University is the following:

Warsaw University of

18 Faculties

(in Two Campuses in Warsaw)

Foreign Language Centre School of Social and
Technical Sciences in Plock
Centre for Physical Education and Sports Faculty of Civil
Engineering, Mechanics and Petrochemistry in Plock
College of Economics and Social Sciences in Plock

Warsaw University of Technology consists of 18 faculties, two centres, an off-campus school in Plock (with one faculty and a college) and many other supporting units. Rector with Vice Rectors takes care of functioning of the university: teaching process, scientific research, social issues (dormitories, scholarships) and finance of the university. At each faculty such matters lie in hands of Deans and Vice Deans, while in colleges or the centre – in hands of Directors and Vice Directors.