Admissions to WUT Doctoral Schools

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Pursue your scientific career at the Warsaw University of Technology!
From 1 July to 15 August, we are registering candidates for Doctoral Schools».

What are Doctoral Schools?

It is a form of education for doctoral students, replacing the previous third-cycle (doctoral) degree programmes. Each Doctoral School offers specific scientific disciplines. At WUT, we now have five Doctoral Schools:

  • Doctoral School no. 1: chemical engineering, materials engineering, chemical sciences, physical sciences;
  • Doctoral School no. 2: mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, automation, electronics and electrical technology, management and quality sciences;
  • Doctoral School no. 3: automation, electronics and electrical technology, physical sciences, mathematics, technical computer science and telecommunications;
  • Doctoral School no. 4: mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, mining and energy, automation, electronics and electrical technology;
  • Doctoral School no. 5: architecture and urban planning, civil engineering and transport, environmental engineering, mining and energy, management and quality sciences.

What opportunities are there?

We offer over 400 research topics to be completed within the doctoral programme (lists of topics can be found on the website of Doctoral Schools»).

At WUT, doctoral students may complete double doctorates (in collaboration with chosen universities worldwide) and participate in exciting projects, often with renowned Polish and foreign research centres.

Each doctoral student receives a monthly scholarship of PLN 2372. They may also apply for additional scholarships within projects such as Excellence Initiative – Research University, SEED – Internationalisation of Doctoral Schools, and foreign scholarships.

At present, WUT educates doctoral students from 25 countries from 4 continents.

What are the admissions proceedings?

They include a few stages:

  • registration in the IRK system (by 15 August, noon),
  • interview (planned for the period 23 August – 7 September),
  • submission of documents (at a later specified date; by 6 September, a statement on the diploma examination must be submitted).

Detailed admissions schedule»

Admissions proceedings step by step and other helpful information»


Information leaflet about WUT doctoral schools