The Institute of Microelectronics & Optoelectronics

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  1. Research areas of the Institute
  2. Scientific research achievements
  3. Selected research projects
  4. Scientific characteristics

Selected research projects: 

  • Optically active composite materials for applications in optical amplifiers and solid state lasers;
  • Analiza obrazu w określaniu parametrów wentylacyjnych strumieni nawiewnych;
  • Electronic detectors and chemical sensitive devices with diamond and diamon-like carbon (dlc) films;
  • Electrical characterization of dielectric-semiconductor interface in advanced MOS structures;
  • Modeling and characterization of semiconductor devices fabricated on silicon carbide cubic (3C-SiC) and hexagonal (4H-SiC) polytype substrates;
  • Modeling and characterization of multigate MOS SOI structures;
  • Modeling of silicon structures with low-dimensional electron gas
  • The new optoelectronics method of intelligent classification of liquid bio-fuels properties with optical capillary use;
  • Process of spontaneous emission in photonic crystals;
  • Unipolar devices and transistors for high-temperature electronics;
  • Next generation teleinformatics service and nets – technology, application and market aspects. Development of technology and algorithms for telemedicine services using of Internet and cell telephone nets;
  • High temperature spectroscopy of rare-earth doped crystals and nanocrystals for luminescence thermometry applications;
  • Technology and characterization of MIS structures with double gate dielectric stacks for non-volatile semiconductor memory (NVSM) applications;
  • Contact and assembly technologies for high temperature, high power and high frequency applications of SiC devices;
  • Universal laser source for medical applications;
  • The Electron Cold Emission from Carbon layers;
  • Emission properties of the active oxide materials with periodic structure.