Biometrics and Machine Learning Laboratory

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This Laboratory serves a place for research and teaching activities related to biometrics and machine learning. It has been constantly equipped with new devices and specialized software, allowing for construction of system prototypes and biometric-related measurement devices. Commercial solutions are used to compare our findings with achievements offered on the market.


We construct own biometric solutions; develop technical countermeasures to prevent biometric systems from subterfuges (e.g. presentation attack detection and liveness detection); evaluate the security and performance of biometric systems; use machine-learning methods to teach mobile robots how to perform complicated tasks like running, etc. Currently our laboratory gathers iris recognition systems, 3D imaging cameras, thermal and near-infrared imaging systems, finger and palm vein readers, digital signature pads and tablets, fingerprint readers (optical, capacitive, thermal and piezoelectric), EEG acquisition equipment, mobile robots, measurement equipment, and many others.


Visit us at to learn more about our activities.


Dr. Adam Czajka

Tel. +48 22 234 7805