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Students of Warsaw University of Technology live in 11 dormitories.

Akademik, Bratniak-Muszelka, Pineska, Tulipan and Babilon form a complex of dormitories placed on Narutowicz Square. Students live in single, double or triple rooms (Akademik) or in segments consisted of two or three rooms (other dorms). They can use the gym, swimming pool, library, TV room, ballroom and laundry. These dormitories are easy to reach from the WUT ground (tramway: 15, 36, 47) and from the centre (tramway: 7, 9, 25, 44, bus: 517, 523).

Mikrus and Riviera are located near the main campus of WUT. Although Riviera is the most expensive dormitory it has the highest standard. Students live in two-room segments. 6 students share one bathroom, toilet and kitchen. In Mikrus there are double, triple and a couple of single rooms. All the students that live on one floor share bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. Students that live in Mikrus and Riviera can use gym, ‘silent’ rooms (for studying), laundries, and ballrooms. The easiest way to get to Mikrus and Riviera is by underground or by any bus that stops at that Underground station ‘Politechnika’.

Tatrzańska is placed farther from Warsaw University of Technology than other dormitories, on Tatrzańska Street. Students live in small double rooms, they can use laundries and ballrooms. You can reach Tatrzańska by bus (131, 359, 522 from the bus stop ‘Metro Politechnika’). You should get off at bus stop ‘Stępińska’.

Ustronie is on Księcia Janusza Street (district Wola). In double and triple rooms live students of Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology. The main facilities are the television room and table tennis room. You can get to Ustronie by bus (109 from the central station, 171, 410 from the city centre and 523 from ‘Metro Politechnika’ bus stop. You should get off at the bus stop ‘Ciolka’.

Żaczek is located in the southern campus of Warsaw University of Technology, among students known as ‘south’. Students of Material Engineering, Mechatronics, Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery, Production Engineering, inhabit the dormitory. In two-room segments four people share kitchen and bathroom. Students can use library, computer room, gym, cinema room and laundry. Tramways (10, 17 and 33) stop by the dormitory. It is easy to get there by bus (107, 117, 138, 192) as well.

Wcześniak is a dormitory for students from the School of Social and Technical Sciences in Plock (branch of Warsaw University of Technology). Every room or segment has a telephone number and a telephone. All the telephone numbers are available on particular dormitory’s website. To call the dormitory from WUT, you just dial the four-number extension. Otherwise you have to dial prefix '234' before the extension.

Addresses and telephones
5 Akademicka Street, 02-031 Warsaw
phone/fax: +48 (22) 822-07-67
reception desk: +48 (22) 234-44-77, +48 (22) 234-42-00
switchboard: +48 (22) 668-82-62
12/16 Kopińska Street
02-031 Warsaw
reception desk: +48 (22) 234-40-00
39 Grójecka Street
02-031 Warsaw
phone: +48 (22) 822-06-96
12 Mochnackiego Street
02-042 Warsaw
reception desk: +48 (22) 234-41-00
10 Waryńskiego Street
00-631 Warsaw
reception desk: +48 (22) 234-98-61
5 Uniwersytecka Street
02-036 Warsaw
phone: +48 (22) 822-04-22, +48 (22) 234-43-00
8 Mochnackiego Street
02-042 Warsaw
(entrance: 5 Uniwersytecka Street)
reception desk: +48 (22) 234-43-00
12 Waryńskiego Street
00-631 Warsaw
reception desk: +48 (22) 234-98-83
39 Ksiêcia Janusza Street
01-452 Warsaw
reception desk: +48 (22) 836-15-12, +48 (22) 836-15-68
7a Tarzańska Street
00-742 Warsaw
reception desk: +48 (22) 840-00-71, +48 (22) 841-28-43
141a Woloska Street
02-507 Warsaw
reception desk: +48 (22) 845-16-48, +48 (22) 646-56-81
5 Dobrzyńska Street
09-400 Plock
phone: +48 (24) 367-44-01
fax: +48 (24) 367-44-04


Living on your own 

Living in dormitories has many advantages. Nevertheless, if you value comfort, peace and quiet you can look for a room or flat to rent. Remember: it is better to rent a flat together with couple of friends so that few people share the renting costs.

There are sources, where you can find information about lodgings for students. It is worth to read daily newspapers (like ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’) or try to find offers via Internet. Below there is a short list of Polish websites, where you can find some advertisements:

  • - looking through and announcing offers is free; you can choose any city and district in Poland to see available offers; if you want to contact the author of particular advertisement you need to log in to the system by giving your mobile number and a password, that is texted to you (it costs 9PLN + VAT tax to get the password);
  • - looking through and announcing offers is free; you can choose any city in Poland to see available offers; if you want to contact the author of particular advertisement you need to send SMS on phone number given on the website;
  • , ‘stancje ( ) - a relatively new part of WUT students’ website; looking through and announcing offers is free; usually it is possible to contact the author of particular offer.

Feel free to visit the office of Students' Union of WUT that is placed in the room 165 in the Main Building. There is a special notebook, where people looking for roommates, flatmates, and students to rent their flat live their advertisements. When you get to the office, just ask about the notebook.

Price of a flat or a room depends on its size and location. The prices vary from 300 PLN per person in districts placed far from the city centre or on the right bank of Vistula (Tarchomin, Zoliborz, Ochota, Praga) to 500-700 PLN per person nearby the city centre. Remember: it is possible to negotiate with owner of the flat and pay less than it was given in advertisement.



Polish cuisine is very similar to the cuisine of its neighbouring countries. The products that are usually served on Polish tables are: potatoes, cabbage, meat (pork, beef and fowl), dairy and flour products.

The most popular dishes of Polish cuisine are:

  • Pork chop with potatoes and salad
  • Knuckle of pork with potatoes
  • ‘Golabki’ – minced meat (sometimes with rice) wrapped in cabbage leafs
  • ‘Bigos’ – cabbage with meat, sausage, mushrooms, dried plums and spices
  • Stuffed dumplings - with meat, cabbage and mushrooms, cheese or fruit
  • Soups: beetroot soup, cabbage soup, barley soup, chicken soup, tomato soup
  • Polish cakes: fruit cake, cheesecake, gingerbread, poppy seed cake
  • As a dessert you should try: ‘paczki’ (doughnuts) and ‘faworki’

Nowadays, mainly in big cities, dishes from other countries gain popularity: Chinese and Vietnamese, Turkish and Arabic, Italian etc.

Tasty and relatively cheap food is what student likes the most. Below you will find addresses of bars and restaurants nearby Warsaw University of Technology and prices of some dishes.

Bistro Zwierz (Civil Engineering Building): 

  • casserole – from 2.80 PLN to 3.20 PLN
  • hamburger – 3 PLN
  • hot dog – 2.80 PLN
  • chips (french fries) – 3 PLN
  • sausage with chips – 7 PLN
  • pork chop with chips and salad – 7 PLN
  • coffee – 2 PLN
  • tea – 1.50 PLN

Queen Kebab – Turkish Dishes (12 Noakowskiego Street, next to Dwunastka Pub):

  • standard kebab – 6 PLN
  • kebab with cheese – 7 PLN
  • kebab with extra meat – 8 PLN
  • kebab extra large – 10 PLN
  • kebab XXL – 12 PLN

Cheops Grill Bar (Politechnika Square):

  • kebab (traditional) – 6 PLN
  • super kebab (with extra cheese) – 7 PLN
  • extra kebab (with extra cheese and grilled vegetables) – 8 PLN

‘Leniwa Gospodyni’ (12/18 Nowowiejska Street):

  • soups – from: 3 to 5 PLN
  • hamburger – 6 PLN
  • pork chop – 6.50 PLN
  • stuffed dumplings – from: 5.50 to 8 PLN

Restaurant Carino (6 Nowowiejska Street):

  • lunches – from: 9 to 10 PLN

The cheapest dinners are offered by so called ‘milky bars’ and Vietnamese bars. Below you will find addresses to some milky bars:

  • Bambino – 16 Hoza Street (corner of Krucza Street)
  • Familijny – 39 Nowy Swiat Street
  • Prasowy – 10/16 Marszalkowska Street
  • Uniwersytecki – 20/22 Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street
  • Zlota Kurka – 55/73 Marszałkowska Street


Heath Care

In case you are ill this guide contains addresses of clinics, ambulance services departments and pharmacies open 24h.

Warsaw Private Medical Care Health Information
  • Mon.– Fri. 7:00 – 20:00, Sat. 8.00 – 15.00
  • phone: (22) 826-27-61, (22) 826-83-00

Emergency Ambulance Service

  • phone: 999 or (22) 525 14 05
  • from mobile phone: *112

Emergency Services

  • 0 Department Sródmiescie – 22 Poznańska Street
  • I Department Praga Poludnie – 34 Grenadierów Street
  • II Department Wola 27/35 – Górczewska Street
  • III Department Mokotów – 120 Pulawska Street
  • IV Department Zoliborz – 41 Wrzeciono Street
  • IV Bis Department Marymont – 52/54 Slowackiego Street
  • V Department Praga Pólnoc – 12 Brzeska Street
  • VI Department Ochota – 9 Joteyki Street
  • VII Department Ursynów – 22 Jastrzębowskiego Street
  • VII Bis Department Wilanów – 33 Morszyńska Street
  • VIII Department Ursus – 18 Sosnkowskiego Street
  • IX Department Bemowo – 2 Kartezjusza Street
  • X Department Bialolêka – 44 Marywilska Street
  • XI Department Targówek – 6 Łojewska Street
  • XII Department Miêdzylesie – 20 Dzieci Polskich Avenue
Accident report
  •   24 hour duty phone: (22) 628-24-24 to 27


Samodzielny Zespól Publicznych Zakladów Opieki Zdrowotnej dla Szkól Wyższych (Clinic for university and high school students) – 10 Mochnackiego Street,
phone: (22) 822-57-40, (22) 822-14-53; 24 hours duty.

Specialized Clinic – 10 Mochnackiego Street,
Registration phone: (22) 659-77-38, Mon-Fri: 7:30-19:00

Ambulatory by PW – 10a Waryńskiego Street (between „Mikrus” and „Riviera” dormitories),
Registration phone: (22) 234-53-25, (22) 825-51-07, Mon-Fri: 8:00-19:00

Ambulatory by PW – 85 Narbutta Street,
Registration: phone: (22) 234-84-27, (22) 849-96-18, Mon-Fri. 7:30-15:00

Wojewódzkie Centrum Stomatologii Samodzielny Publiczny Zaklad Opieki Zdrowotnej (District Dentistry Centum), 1 Nowy Zjazd Street,
Registration: phone: (22) 826-94-11, 24 hours duty

Pharmacies open 24h

Anin / Miedzylesie
’Apteka Międzylesie’ – 309a Patriotów Street,
phone: (22) 615-87-95
‘Apteka’– 2 Kartezjusza Street,
phone: (22) 666-85-53
’Apteka’ – 71/72 Waszyngtona Street,
phone: (22) 810-27-01
’Apteka’ – 21 Mlynarska Street,
phone: (22) 750-67-66
Mokotów / Wilanów
’Apteka przy Willowej’ – 39 Pulawska Street,
phone: (22) 849-37-57, (22) 849-82-05
’Apteka Remedium’ – 363 Wilanowska Avenue,
phone: (22) 852-33-31
’Apteka’ – 76 Grójecka Street,
phone: (22) 822-08-18
’Apteka’ – 1 Banacha Street (hospital building, block B),
phone: (22) 823-64-11 extention 1033
Praga Pólnoc
’Wschodnia’ – 1 Kijowska Street (East Station),
phone: (22) 818-65-13
’Apteka’ – 9 Hallera Square,
phone: (22) 619-23-88
’Apteka Beata’ – 149 Solidarności Avenue,
phone: (22) 620-08-18
’Apteka Beata’ – 52/54 Jana Pawla II (corner of Nowolipie Street),
phone: (22) 635-96-26
’Apteka’ – 76 Jana Kazimierza Street,
phone: (22) 634-01-95
’Apteka’ – 38 Leszno Street,
phone: (22) 632-13-92
’Apteka’ – 2 Pereca Street,
 phone: (22) 620-91-28
’Na Wilczej’ – 31 Wilcza Street,
phone: (22) 622-89-71
’Apteka’ – Central Station (first floor),
phone: (22) 825-69-86
’Hit Medica’ – 28 Marszalkowska Street,
phone: (22) 627-20-64
’Apteka 2000’ – 19 Widok Street,
phone: (22) 827-35-93
’Apteka’ – 8 Dembowskiego Street,
phone: (22) 643-95-61 – duty  from 21:00 to 6:00
’Apteka’ – 8 Polinezyjska Street,
phone: (22) 641-46-01
’Apteka’ – 47 Swiatowida Street,
phone: (22) 466-14-05
’Apteka’ – 58 Wojska Polskiego Avenue,
phone: (22) 839-50-73
’Apteka’ – 13 Zeromskiego Street,
phone: (22) 584-58-04
’Apteka’ – 11 Kondratowicza Street,
phone: (22) 811-28-22


Students' Union

At the university

All students of Warsaw University of Technology are the Students’ Union. Units of Students Union are chosen once a year in election and are the official representatives of student society at the university. Members of the Students’ Union and authorities of WUT take part in discussion concerning students’ rights, obligations and their life at the university.

Members of the Students’ Union deal with following issues:

  • social issues, scholarships, subsistence allowances, dormitories
  • students’ cultural life (parties, concerts, going to theatre, ‘Juvenalia’ and more...)
  • sport and tourism (camps for the ‘0’ year students, sailing, skiing, hiking)
  • education and teaching (questionnaires concerning the quality of teaching, students’ research)
  • international issues

If you want to know more details about the Students’ Union and its activities, visit their website (but you will probably need some assistance from Polish speaking colleagues). You can also visit their office:

Students’ Union at Warsaw University of Technology
Plac Politechniki 1
Main Building, room 165
Phone: +48 (22) 234 50 10

At the faculty and in the dormitory 

Units of Students ’ Union are at every faculty and in every dormitory. Students’ Union Faculty Council (WRS) is a representative of the students’ society before the authorities of the faculty. Members of each WRS take care of the integration of students, they organise balls for students of the first and third year, camps and many other events. They offer you a helping hand in case of some problems with your studies, teachers or adaptation.

There is a person in every WRS that is responsible for foreigners at particular faculty. If you have any problems, find office of WRS at your faculty and ask for contact to this person – you can ask her help if you need it.

In dormitories there are Councils of Residents (RM) that are students’ representatives before dormitories’ administration. Members of RM make sure that dormitories are safe and peaceful; take care of laundries, gyms, ballrooms and other facilities for students. These are the people that help in case of any problems with other residents of dormitories or with the administration.


Students'  Organisations and Scientific Associations

Students’ organisations

Students’ organisations take part in cultural, sports and tourist activity. Thanks to them, studying at WUT is not only going to lectures and learning. People who work in such organisations organise disco, parties, going to theatre, sport competitions, sailing or skiing camps and many other events. Sometimes they arrange courses or training periods for students. At the polytechnic there are a dozen or so organisations, most of them at the university level. There are also associations that are active at particular faculties. Scientific associations 

Scientific associations

Scientific associations represent students’ scientific activity. Members of such organisations are people who want to explore particular field of science. It doesn’t have to be domain that they study. Scientific associations organise conferences, case studies and, what’s most important, they realise nationwide and worldwide scientific projects. For example: they construct gliders, robots, and satellites. Moreover, at Warsaw University of Technology there are scientific organisations concentrated on economical issues.

You can find more information about students’ activity in the brochure abort students’ organisations and scientific associations that is published by Students’ Union every year. Contacts and links to websites of some organisations are available at (you need some basic skills in Polish) in section ‘student’s organisations’ ( pl.: ‘organizacje studenckie’ ).