Declaration of accessibility

The Warsaw University of Technology declares that it will ensure accessibility of its website pursuant to the provisions of the Act of 4 April 2019 on accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities. The declaration of accessibility applies to the following website:

The Warsaw University of Technology is currently implementing project “Warsaw University of Technology as the Ambassador of Innovation for Accessibility”. Under Task 6 titled “Improvement of accessibility of IT tools used by the University” a new main website will be prepared, as well as templates for other units, to comply with the Act of 4 April 2019 on accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities. Task 6 is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021. The project is co-financed with the EU funds under the European Social Fund, Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development, Priority Axis III – Higher education for economy and development, Measure 3.5 Comprehensive programmes of higher education institutions.

Website launch: 1998
Last important update: 2015


Compliance with the Act – status

The website only in part complies with the Act on accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities, due to the incompliant elements or exclusions as listed below. 

Unavailable contents

  • Some images have no alternative text,
  • Some pages do not meet the minimum requirements for contrast,
  • Some elements are not available digitally,
  • The contents of some elements are not properly displayed on mobile devices,
  • Elements whose clicking causes open a link in a new window/tab  do not inform about this action,
  • The website contains links marked only by being color,
  • Single-letter keyboard shortcuts have not been implemented on the website.


  • the maps are excluded from the obligation to ensure accessibility,
  • the videos were published before the Act on accessibility of websites came into effect.

The website supports standard keyboard shortcuts.


Preparation of the declaration of accessibility

The declaration prepared on: 2020-10-16
The declaration has been prepared based on self-evaluation.


Feedback and contact data

In the event of any problems with the website’s accessibility, please contact by email

Any requests for providing unavailable information or complaints concerning inaccessibility should be submitted to the Office for Persons with Disabilities
phone no I:  22 234 13 15
phone no II: 695 910 787

Anyone has the right to request accessibility of a website, a mobile application or any of their element. They have also the right to request that information be made available through an alternative method of access, for instance by reading an inaccessible element out loud, adding narration to video content without audio description, etc. Such request should include the personal data of the person making the request, indicate the website or application concerned, and a manner of contacting such person. If the person submitting such request needs to receive information through an alternative access method, they should also specify a convenient manner for providing such information.
A public entity should comply with such request immediately, and no later than within 7 days of the request date. If this is not possible within this time limit, the public entity should immediately inform the person submitting the request when they can comply with the request, however, this may not last longer than 2 months from the request date. If the public entity denies the request to ensure digital accessibility or an alternative method of access to information, the person submitting the request may file a complaint regarding the accessibility of a website, mobile application or their element. If this procedure results in no effect, a request may be also submitted to the Commissioner for Human Rights.


Architectural accessibility

For information on architectural accessibility, please contact the Office for Persons with Disabilities.
phone no. I: 22 234 13 15
phone no. II: 695 910 787