Message from the Dean

We should be genuinely proud to be all representing the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology (WEiTI PW). This special unit that we make up together is a real breeding ground for talent; over the past decades, we have grown to be leaders in educating Polish engineers, computer scientists, automation specialists, electronics engineers and photonics specialists. Since 1951, our mission has been to share knowledge, engage in research and stay passionate about creating technology solutions. Our graduates are a living proof of these words as they make not only major international award winners, but also and above all sought-after experts, respected and acclaimed both at home and abroad, including in the most technologically advanced corners of the world.

Each year, we launch over 400 courses across nine subject areas at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology. To instruct these courses, we appoint best teachers with world-class scientific background and an on-going track record of participating in projects that complement their theoretical knowledge with the necessary practical aspects. In addition to their daily teaching work, they are authors of highly acclaimed scientific articles, books and handbooks and winners of prestigious awards and representatives of Poland in influential international organizations and scientific associations.

More than 3,200 students and around 200 doctoral students use the services of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology every day. To cater to their needs, we run courses at three degree levels (Engineers, Masters, and Doctoral) in modern classrooms and lecture halls and 50 specialized and amply equipped laboratories. In our day-to-day teaching practice, we use the latest teaching methods, including project-based learning, and draw inspiration from real projects carried out at information technology companies. More and more courses are taught in English as well. We constantly redouble our efforts to engage with our students so as to take the teaching system based on a master and student relationship to the next level.

We tailor our offering to meet the demands of the market and the expectations of future employers. We open new subject area courses and specializations which attract massive interest. In the recent months, we have launched a cybersecurity and Internet of Things security course that has become quite a hit with university candidates nationwide. A few dozen candidates compete for one spot here. And we compete for the best; hence our special focus on collaboration with secondary schools. One of our initiatives, the STEM education project, has created a pipeline of over 2,000 students wishing to pursue a future in the sciences in the first years of its inception. We are positive that their youthful passions will be transformed into meaningful knowledge and experience with us, enhanced by active participation in one of over a dozen of our thriving student research groups.

In addition to didactic lectures, here at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, we carry out scientific and research work and international projects. Not only do we collaborate with world-class scientific centers and large corporations, but we also continuously engage in high-profile projects in key areas for the efficient functioning of the State, including, e.g., defense. Even the most ambitious tasks are made possible with funding from international funds or domestic grants. The technologies developed at our Faculty range from impressive devices to innovative methods of effective data transmission, hiding or detection and building the backbone of electronic networks. The algorithms prepared at our laboratories control the largest experimental projects in the world such as CERN, XFEL, Super Kamiokande, Lund and other. Currently, we are working on Poland’s first laboratory dedicated to the 5G network. As academics, we also host scientific conferences and other numerous events. We keep in constant contact with leading institutions and business entities so as to become a real platform where theory and practice can meet. We stay open-minded and prepared for new challenges. Our power is in our students, faculty, staff and business partners. Together, we are building a better future already today!

Prof. dr hab. inż. Michał Malinowski