Information meetings for newly admitted students

On October 1, 30-minute meetings will be held to familiarize students
of full-time 1st cycle studies with the chosen field of study.


  • Building of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology,
    ul. Nowowiejska 15/19

The meeting room and time depends on the field of study and the dean's group:

  • Computer Science, room: 161
    • group 1 - 10:30
    • group 2 - 11:30  
  • Telecommunicationsroom: 161
    • group 1 - 9:30
  • International Exchange - Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, room: 108
    • group 1 - 9:30
    • group 2 - 10:30



  1. Students do not enter the building freely! The person presenting the field of study takes all the group from outside of the building and leads to the room.
  2. Students are asked to use masks for covering their mouth and nose and to keep an a proper distance from other candidates.  
  3. Students are asked to bring their own pens.
  4. Due to the changing weather conditions it is recommended to bring an umbrella, if your arrival is related with waiting for a meeting.