Admission to study

Article index

  1. Introduction
  2. General provisions
  3. Organisation of studies
  4. Admission to study
  5. Resumption of study
  6. Study regulations and student registration
  7. Award of diploma and graduation

III. Admission to study

§ 12

  1. A student shall be admitted to study based on admissions procedure, confirmation of learning outcomes, or transfer from another domestic or foreign university.
  2. The regulations governing admission to study based on admissions procedure in a given academic year, in particular the requirements, the mode, and the starting and closing dates for admission, shall be laid down by the Senate.
  3. The regulations, requirements and procedure of admission based on confirmation of learning outcomes shall be laid down in the University’s internal legal regulations.
  4. A person expelled from the study as a result of a disciplinary penalty may not be readmitted to study at the University prior to the deadline for the penalty to be erased from the register of penalties.

§ 13

  1. A student may be admitted to study at the University through transfer from another home or foreign higher education institution, on the basis of the Rector’s decision, having obtained a written consent to the transfer from the home institution. For foreigners, the decision is taken by the Rector at the request of the dean. 
  2. Only a student who has successfully completed at least the first year of first-cycle study or long-cycle Master’s study, or the first semester of second-cycle study at the home institution shall be eligible to apply for transfer. 
  3. A student shall be transferred at the student’s application submitted no later than one month prior to the beginning of the semester for which the student is to be admitted to the study. With the admissions application, the student shall be obliged to submit the documentation on the course of study completed at the home institution, confirmed thereby. 
  4. On the basis of the documentation on the course of study at the home institution, the dean may recognise the learning outcomes achieved by the student and course credits awarded to the student prior to admission to the University. 
  5. The dean of the receiving faculty shall determine the admissions requirements, including the need to conduct a qualifications test, the number of recognized semesters of study and shall set a list of curriculum differences that the student shall be required to make up for as well as the final dates for their completion. 
  6. In the event that a qualifications test is conducted, the decision on admission to study through transfer from another university shall be based on the result thereof. 7. In the event of divergences between the learning outcomes achieved at the home institution and the learning outcomes achieved at the receiving faculty at the same study stage, the student shall be admitted to a lower semester of study than he or she was registered on at the home institution, subject to § 22 section 2.

§ 14

  1. A person admitted to study shall be registered as a student of the University and shall be given a unique student record book number, an individual bank account number to be used for payments to the University, an individual University email account and an individual account in the University IT system. 
  2. Having sworn the academic oath, the student shall receive a student ID card. The student may receive a student record book or a matriculation act if these are used in the unit providing the study programme.