Research laboratories of the Institute of Telecommunications

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  1. General characteristics
  2. Laboratory of Access Systems
  3. Photonic Communication Laboratory
  4. Networking Laboratory
  5. Laboratory of Digital Circuits in Division of Telecommunications Fundamentals
  6. Laboratory for Design and Prototyping of Circuits for Information Processing in Programmable Structures

Photonic Communication Laboratory

In the framework of the POIG.02.01.00-14-197/09 FOTEH project, the Innovative Economy Programme, IT was awarded 2 mln EURO to to extend its optical communication laboratory facilities and equipment. The upgrade will be realized in 2010. In effect, IT will posses the most advanced world-class optical communication laboratory in Poland. 

Goal of the laboratory is to conduct research in the following areas:

  •  High capacity and high speed transmission
  •  Countermeasures to optical fibre impairments
  •  All-optical signal processing
  •  Optical fibre based access systems
  •  Multimode fibre based transmission 

Laboratory will be equipped with: BER tester up to 56 Gbit/s, microwave signal generators and analyzers up to 50 GHz, arbitrary waveform generator, sampling and real time oscilloscopes, optical spectrum analyzer, polarization and PMD analyzer, DFB DWDM lasers, optical fibre transmission link, optical amplifiers, modulators, active and passive microwave components: cables, amplifiers, attenuatros etc, optical tables with equipment, passive optical components: filters, patchcords, delay lines, couplers.