Research laboratories of the Institute of Telecommunications

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  1. General characteristics
  2. Laboratory of Access Systems
  3. Photonic Communication Laboratory
  4. Networking Laboratory
  5. Laboratory of Digital Circuits in Division of Telecommunications Fundamentals
  6. Laboratory for Design and Prototyping of Circuits for Information Processing in Programmable Structures

The Laboratory of Access Systems is destined to research and education. It has been opened in March 2010.

Forms of activities

In the laboratory teaching and research activities will be performed. Main tasks are mentioned below:

  • Practical works for students of the following courses: Teletransmission Systems, Access Systems, Bases of Telecommunications, Bases of Multimedia, Signal Processing in Telecommunications
  • Laboratory tasks for postgraduate students
  • Demos of the teletransmission systems for participants of specialized undergraduate courses
  • Research activities of participants of the Access Systems and Networks course
  • Research carried out by students preparing their diplomas of Engineer and Master of Science
  • Research performed for the industry and government services

Structure and equipment of the laboratory

In the laboratory there are 8 stands equipped with:

  • synchronous teletransmission systems (SDH)
  • access systems (FTTH)
  • xDSL systems (ADSL2+, VDSL2)
  • tools for testing Quality of Service (QoS) of the cellular telephony
  • tools for testing quality of audio and video signals

The laboratory is connected to the outer systems using optical (1 Gb/s) and copper lines. The artificial line is also installed.

Topics of research tasks

The Institute of Telecommunications carries out research in domain of teletransmission systems and networks, including access systems and networks. In the nearest future the following tasks will be performed:

  • testing equipment according to the norms and interoperability
  • testing the Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) of telecommunication services based on audio and video signals
  • defining the requirements and recommendations for telecommunication services
  • preparing of new services

Educational activities

The following laboratory exercises and projects may be performed in the laboratory:

  • measurement of the parameters of the symmetric line
  • measurement of the interference of xDSL signals
  • configuring the ADSL and VDSL central exchange devices
  • measurement of the coverage of the ADSL and VDSL systems
  • testing of the subscriber line
  • testing of the FTTH system
  • analysis of the influence of line taps on the VDSL systems
  • configuring the ADM multiplexers
  • testing of the SDH ring
  • evaluating the QoS of the cellular telephony services
  • measurement of quality of the audio and video signals

The Laboratory of Access Systems has been equipped with aid of the following enterprises: Alcatel-Lucent, Fiber Home, Multimedia Polska, Systemics and Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.

Stojak z systemami ADSL I VDSL oraz z multiplekserami SDH

Pic 1. ADSL & VDSL systems with SDH multiplexers.



Struktura Laboratorium Systemów Dostępowych i Teletransmisyjnych

Pic 2.  Structure of The Laboratory of Access Systems.