Exchange Students in the Academic Year 2008/2009

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The List of Exchange Students in the Academic Year 2008/2009


Exchange Students in the 
Academic Year 2008/2009
Different countries 15
Different universities 52
Incoming students 52
Outgoing students 72
Students number in total 124

The list of all students is provided in the table below.

The list of students, provided in the following table, includes only those who spent at least one semester abroad in the Academic Year 2008/2009.
No Country University Name Last Name Index I.O Semester
1 A Österreich A_WELS01 Manuel Riegler 276/SE Incoming _08_Z
2 A Österreich A_WELS01 Wolfgang Traunmüller 277/SE Incoming _08_Z
3 A Österreich A_WIEN01 Piotr Lech Zawistowski 198553 Outgoing _09_L
4 D Deutschland D_BERLIN02 Łukasz Adam Stasiak 2321/D Outgoing _09_L
5 D Deutschland D_DRESDEN02 Philipp Renner 375/SE Incoming _09_L
6 D Deutschland D_DRESDEN02 Krzysztof Hudek 210428 Outgoing _09_L
7 D Deutschland D_HANNOVE01 Antoni Jan Kędracki 206121 Outgoing _09_L
8 D Deutschland D_KARLSRU01 Marek Kurdej 206253 Outgoing _08_Z
9 D Deutschland D_MUNCHEN02 Piotr Krzysztof Fiorek 214707 Outgoing _09_L
10 D Deutschland D_MUNCHEN02 Marta Małgorzata Piekarska 214721 Outgoing _09_L
11 D Deutschland D_MUNCHEN02 Adam Włodarkiewicz 198826 Outgoing _08_Z
12 D Deutschland D_ST.AUGU02 Jarosław Skomiał 206249 Outgoing _09_L
13 DK Danmark DK_ALBORG01 Andrzej Wratny 199246 Outgoing _08_Z
14 DK Danmark DK_KOBENHA14 Maciej Sławomir Skrzypkowski 203831 Outgoing _08_Z
15 DK Danmark DK_LYNGBY01 Grzegorz Daniluk 200695 Outgoing _08_Z
16 DK Danmark DK_LYNGBY01 Marcin Gierałtowski 194622 Outgoing _08_Z
17 DK Danmark DK_LYNGBY01 Tomasz Maciejewski 200797 Outgoing _08_Z
18 DK Danmark DK_LYNGBY01 Stanisław Nowak 206280 Outgoing _08_Z
19 DK Danmark DK_LYNGBY01 Paweł Pawliński 198354 Outgoing _09_L
20 DK Danmark DK_LYNGBY01 Arkadiusz Stopczyński 206217 Outgoing _08_Z
21 DK Danmark DK_LYNGBY01 Rafał Andrzej Wilk 206296 Outgoing _08_Z
22 DK Danmark DK_LYNGBY01 Maciej Cezary Zbierski 203843 Outgoing _09_L
23 DK Danmark DK_ODENSE01 Przemysław Daca 199284 Outgoing _08_Z
24 DK Danmark DK_ODENSE01 Mariusz Marek Kałuski 199191 Outgoing _08_Z
25 DK Danmark DK_ODENSE01 Arnold Adrian Mioduszewski 203859 Outgoing _08_Z
26 DK Danmark DK_ODENSE01 Kamil Paweł Pecio 203861 Outgoing _08_Z
27 DK Danmark DK_ROSKILD04 Tomasz Przemysław Zaborowski 201549 Outgoing _09_L
28 E España E_BARCELO03.FIB Paweł Tomasz Sikorski 200924 Outgoing _08_Z
29 E España E_BILBAO02 Amaia Garcia Chapinal 281/SE Incoming _09_L
30 E España E_BILBAO02 Imanol Martin Artetxe 282/SE Incoming _09_L
31 E España E_BILBAO02 Mikel Romero Peinado 283/SE Incoming _09_L
32 E España E_BILBAO02 Pablo Ruiz Arteagoitia 284/SE Incoming _09_L
33 E España E_BILBAO02 Krzysztof Jerzy Liszewski 192694 Outgoing _08_Z
34 E España E_CADIZ01 Alejandro Betanzos Garcia 378/SE Incoming _09_L
35 E España E_CADIZ01 Francisco Cavanillas Capilla 379/SE Incoming _09_L
36 E España E_CADIZ01 Javier Laso Herrera 380/SE Incoming _09_L
37 E España E_CADIZ01 Salvador Martin Perez 381/SE Incoming _09_L
38 E España E_CIUDAR01 Luis Francisco Fernández Ortiz 262/SE Incoming _08_09
39 E España E_LAS.PAL01 Jarosław Cieślak 199177 Outgoing _09_L
40 E España E_LAS.PAL01 Adam Grochowski 198484 Outgoing _09_L
41 E España E_LAS.PAL01 Piotr Jan Gwizdała 206327 Outgoing _08_09
42 E España E_LAS.PAL01 Agnieszka Kłujszo 198494 Outgoing _09_L
43 E España E_LAS.PAL01 Michał Zbigniew Olszewski 191101 Outgoing _09_L
44 E España E_MADRID05.ETSIT Joanna Ewa Gaba 199183 Outgoing _09_L
45 E España E_MADRID05.ETSIT Katarzyna Świątek 199141 Outgoing _09_L
46 E España E_MADRID05.ETSIT Łukasz Warchoł 206235 Outgoing _09_L
47 E España E_MADRID05.FI Katarzyna Owczarek 213484 Outgoing _08_Z
48 E España E_MADRID05.FI Michał Krzysztof Wysocki 200942 Outgoing _08_Z
49 E España E_MONDRAG01 Naiara Errondosoro 254/SE Incoming _08_09
50 E España E_PAMPLON02 Javier Marticorena Garrués 297/SE Incoming _08_09
51 E España E_VALENCI01 Salvador Benavent Matinez 280/SE Incoming _08_09
52 E España E_VALENCI01 José María Martinez 271/SE Incoming _08_09
53 E España E_VALENCI01 Julián Martínez Urrea 279/SE Incoming _08_09
54 E España E_VALENCI01 Jose Ramon Simó Martínez 270/SE Incoming _08_09
55 E España E_VALENCI01 Marcin Karbowy 185542 Outgoing _08_Z
56 E España E_VALENCI01 Jakub Koniarz 185689 Outgoing _08_Z
57 E España E_VALENCI02 Hector Martin Marti 274/SE Incoming _08_09
58 E España E_VALENCI02 Alejandro Puig Álvarez 273/SE Incoming _08_09
59 E España E_VALENCI02 Javier Ramos 266/SE Incoming _08_09
60 E España E_VALENCI02 David Todoli Ferrandis 264/SE Incoming _08_09
61 E España E_VALENCI02 Jacek Chojak 199173 Outgoing _09_L
62 E España E_VALENCI02 Agnieszka Sadowska 200821 Outgoing _08_Z
63 E España E_VALLADO01 Cristina Álvarez Pérez 286/SE Incoming _09_L
64 E España E_VALLADO01 Sara Álvarez Puente 287/SE Incoming _08_Z
65 E España   Jose Francisco Gómez Iniesta 382/SE Incoming _09_L
66 F France F_NANTES01 Serge Daguise 374/SE Incoming _09_L
67 F France F_PARIS066 Kamil Łukasz Dudziński 198313 Outgoing _08_09
68 F France F_RENNES01 François Pierre Hubert 250/SE Incoming _08_09
69 F France F_RENNES01 Michał Bogdan Luśnia 200720 Outgoing _09_L
70 I Italia I_CATANIA01 Marco Corsaro 295/SE Incoming _09_L
71 I Italia I_CATANIA01 Tancredi Di Mari 296/SE Incoming _09_L
72 I Italia I_CATANIA01 Weronika Anna Gutfeter 203791 Outgoing _08_Z
73 I Italia I_CATANIA01 Paweł Wiśniewski 185803 Outgoing _08_Z
74 I Italia I_MESSINA01 Marcin Grzegorz Bar 198385 Outgoing _08_Z
75 I Italia I_MILANO02 Cristian Parretta 288/SE Incoming _08_Z
76 I Italia I_MILANO02 Hanna Czaplicka 200694 Outgoing _09_L
77 I Italia I_MILANO02 Paweł Adam Gilewski 199277 Outgoing _08_Z
78 I Italia I_MILANO02 Szymon Andrzej Janikowski 199301 Outgoing _08_Z
79 I Italia I_ROMA01 Marco D'angelo 371/SE Incoming _09_L
80 I Italia I_ROMA01 Luca Del Vecchio 383/SE Incoming _09_L
81 I Italia I_ROMA01 Daniele Piccioni 263/SE Incoming _09_L
82 I Italia I_ROMA02 Clara Contartese 372/SE Incoming _09_L
83 KR Korea KR_KYUNGPOOK Ryoungeun Kim 289/SE Incoming _08_Z
84 KR Korea KR_KYUNGPOOK Sangmyeon Suh 290/SE Incoming _08_Z
85 MT Malta MT_MALTA01 Leszek Konrad Gazicki 199184 Outgoing _09_L
86 MT Malta MT_MALTA01 Szymon Piotr Muchajer 199216 Outgoing _09_L
87 NL Nederland NL_AMSTERD05 Grzegorz Karyś 203852 Outgoing _08_Z
88 NL Nederland NL_AMSTERD05 Mateusz Krzysztof Pittner 203744 Outgoing _08_Z
89 NL Nederland NL_DELFT01 Adam Artur Kozień 198417 Outgoing _09_L
90 NL Nederland NL_DELFT01 Łukasz Mikołaj Szyda 194806 Outgoing _08_Z
91 NL Nederland NL_EINDHOV17 Arkadiusz Jerzy Bedner 203335 Outgoing _08_Z
92 NL Nederland NL_EINDHOV17 Piotr Demidowicz 200696 Outgoing _08_Z
93 NL Nederland NL_EINDHOV17 Andrzej Rychter 200742 Outgoing _08_Z
94 NL Nederland NL_ENSCHED01 Jan Jakub Rybka 199341 Outgoing _08_Z
95 P Portugal P_COIMBRA01 Luís Miguel Belo Da Silva 291/SE Incoming _08_09
96 P Portugal P_COIMBRA01 Joao Coelho Pereira 285/SE Incoming _08_09
97 P Portugal P_COIMBRA01 Luis Pedro Godinho Ramos Fernandes 294/SE Incoming _08_Z
98 P Portugal P_LEIRIA01 Jhonatan Andres Fernandes Gonçalves 373/SE Incoming _09_L
99 P Portugal P_LEIRIA01 Pedro Lopes 292/SE Incoming _08_Z
100 S Sverige S_GOTEBOR02 Maria Ewa Peńsko 194751 Outgoing _08_Z
101 S Sverige S_STOCKHO04 Christopher Olsson 265/SE Incoming _08_Z
102 S Sverige S_STOCKHO04 Adam Maria Ludwiński 198583 Outgoing _08_Z
103 S Sverige S_LUND01 Karol Kamil Krakowiak 200862 Outgoing _08_Z
104 SF Suomi SF_ESPOO02 Joona Markus Lämsä 268/SE Incoming _08_Z
105 SF Suomi SF_ESPOO02 Adam Filip Dubiel 206051 Outgoing _08_Z
106 SF Suomi SF_ESPOO02 Michał Paweł Paszta 206147 Outgoing _09_L
107 TR Türkiye TR_ESKISEH01 Osman Çetin 377/SE Incoming _09_L
108 TR Türkiye TR_ESKISEH01 Mehdi Duman 251/SE Incoming _08_Z
109 TR Türkiye TR_ESKISEH01 Ali Osman Gülcemal 252/SE Incoming _08_Z
110 TR Türkiye TR_ESKISEH01 Ömer Sönmez 376/SE Incoming _09_L
111 TR Türkiye TR_ESKISEH01 Mehmet Yamaç 253/SE Incoming _08_Z
112 TR Türkiye TR_ISTANBUL07 Hayri Ugur Koltuk 293/SE Incoming _09_L
113 TR Türkiye TR_MUGLA01 Murat Kaçan 261/SE Incoming _08_Z
114 TR Türkiye TR_MUGLA01 Hakan Karakaş 260/SE Incoming _08_Z
115 UK United Kingdom UK_COVENTR02 Michał Płatek 200814 Outgoing _08_09
116 UK United Kingdom UK_COVENTR02 Jakub Sadura 203749 Outgoing _08_09
117 UK United Kingdom UK_COVENTR02 Piotr Stępień 200826 Outgoing _08_09
118 UK United Kingdom UK_COVENTR02 Adam Andrzej Strupczewski 201196 Outgoing _08_09
119 UK United Kingdom UK_COVENTR02 Łukasz Więch 203684 Outgoing _08_09
120 UK United Kingdom UK_GUILDFO01 Michał Chodkiewicz 206312 Outgoing _08_Z
121 UK United Kingdom UK_GUILDFO01 Michał Tomasz Czerniak 206049 Outgoing _08_Z
122 UK United Kingdom UK_OXFORD04 Josef Maier 275/SE Incoming _08_Z
123 UK United Kingdom UK_SOUTHAM01 Tomasz Kuśmierczyk 206255 Outgoing _09_L
124 UK United Kingdom UK_SOUTHAM01 Michał Mateusz Łukasik 206259 Outgoing _09_L