Project assumptions

Digital Document Repository  CREDO

The project entitled  Digital Document Repository  CREDO (no. WND-DEM-1-385/00) submitted as part of the pilot undertaking of the National Centre for Research and Development entitled  Supporting scientific research and development works for demonstration purposes – Demonstrator +

Carried out by the consortium comprising:

Polish Security Printing Works  (consortium leader),  Warsaw University of Technology Skytechnology Ltd.

Sum of the subsidy awarded: PLN 3.966.064

The goal of the CREDO project was to design and launch a demonstrative version of a digital repository enabling short- and long-term archiving of large volumes of digital resources. By design the repository is to act both as a secure file storage and as a digital archive providing metadata management, including the resources in archival packages, etc.

One of the system’s primary functions is the support for various currently available data carriers: hard drives, solid state drives, tapes. The repository ensures a high level of security for the information stored. Reliability of information readouts is ensured by the data recording replication mechanisms in the repository’ file system, as well as the distributed nature of the system that will enable storing copies of the resources in more than one locations. The repository’ architecture isbe multi-tiered and it enables (together with the emergence of new technologies) replacement and continuous upgrades of the individual components.

This solution is designed for institutions that store large digital resources for long periods of time, e.g. cultural institutions, mass media, state administration offices, and healthcare institutions.